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Popular Video Poker Terms to Learn for US Gamblers

Video poker terms are a blend of poker and slots terminology. Not surprising since the game is combines slots and poker to form a truly unique modern game. The game is modern in comparison to all other casino games which have been in existence for hundreds of years. Video poker gaming only became possible because of advances in technology. It was introduced to casinos in America in the mid-70s and quickly became a staple in casinos everywhere.

video poker termsAs with all casino games, each has its own special terminology and lingo which is instrumental in understanding the game. Most of the gambling terms are similar to poker terms. Some terms merge poker and slots terms to come up with unique video poker glossary. For instance, a term like deuces wild takes deuces from poker which is a two and wild from the slots term to describe a card that can substitute any other symbol. Although we have made this video poker glossary as informative as possible, you should take a look at our main video poker page for a better understanding of the game. We also have listed the top Video poker casinos online which accept US players below:

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Top Video Poker Terminology

Dirty Royal

What is a dirty royal in video poker?

A dirty royal refers to a winning royal hand with one or more deuces, the payout for this kind of royal is lower.

Full Pay

What does full pay video poker mean?

Full Pay refers to Jacks or Better video poker games because they payout 9 times your bet for a full house hand. That is why Jacks or Better games 9/6 video poker.


What is a straight in video poker?

A straight in video poker simply refers to a hand of five cards in a series of consecutive values e.g. 10;9;8;7;6.

Inside Straight

What is an inside straight?

This is a hand where only one card change can convert it to a straight hand if one card. It can only be the highest or the lowest card replaced not both. For instance, 8; 3; 9; 7; 5 if the lowest card 3 is replaced with 4 then it becomes a straight. If the highest card is replaced it is not a straight.

video poker glossary

Outside Straight

What is an Outside Straight in Video Poker?

A hand where if one card on either the lowest or the highest end is replaced with a higher card in a sequence of values the hand becomes a straight. For example, an 8; 6; 9; 7; 4 hand can be turned into a straight if the lowest card is replaced like 8; 6; 9; 7; 5 or if you add a 10 8; 6; 9; 7; 10.

Deuces Wild

What is Deuces Wild?

This is a video poker variant where a pair of deuces always pays and where the duces are wilds meaning they can substitute for another card to form a winning hand.

Fish hooks – this is a colloquial term for Jacks.

Cowboys – a slang term for Kings.

Ladies – Queens are sometimes referred to as ladies.

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