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The Importance of a Blackjack Solid Hard Hand

No matter what form of blackjack you are playing, it’s absolutely critical to be able to play hard hands with almost a 100 percent accuracy. Blackjack Solid Hard Hand makes up the majority of hands that you will play in a game of blackjack, and unlike most soft hands, you normally will not have a huge advantage over the dealer when you start the hand. Because of this, you have to really milk it whenever you do have an advantage with the cards, and you have to be extremely good at minimizing the house edge whenever you don’t have the best of it.
solid hard hand blackjack

Blackjack Solid Hard Hand Doubling Strategy

Having a strong doubling strategy is one of the most important parts of hard hand play in blackjack. All of your doubling will happen with hard hands when you have totals of nine, ten or eleven. You can’t double with higher totals because of the chances of going bust, and this is a big difference from playing soft hands. If you have a total of eleven, then you should always double unless you’re facing an ace and are against a dealer who stands on a soft 17. If your dealer hits a soft 17, then you can double against an ace instead.

With hard nines, you should always double against threes, fours, fives and sixes no matter if the dealer hits on a soft 17 or not. These are all of the weak dealer cards except twos. With a hard total of 10, you will be doubling a majority of the time. Unless you are facing a dealer with a ten or ace, then you will always be doubling. If you aren’t doubling with a hard hand, then you should be hitting.

Being able to surrender properly is another way to get an important edge with blackjack. Most players only focus on when to hit and when to stand. However, if you surrender with weak totals against strong dealer hands, then you can have a strong advantage. With a hard 15, you should always surrender against a ten. If the dealer hits on soft 17s, then you should also surrender against an ace. Because 16 is the weakest hard total, you’ll be always be surrendering against nines, tens and aces. One final rule to remember is that you will only ever surrender a hard 17 if you are facing an ace and your dealer will hit with soft totals of 17.