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The Judo Ferret Slot Game; A Review

Casino players looking for a progressive video slots game that comes with a variety of features will find the Judo Ferret to their liking. Judo Ferret is a 25 payline, 5 reel slots game from Nuworks Gaming. The features in the Judo Ferret slots game include a scatter symbol, a wild symbol, a free spin feature, and a multiplier as well as a maximum jackpot winning possibility. The slots game is an enjoyable one as it is centered on a martial arts theme.
Nuworks Gaming is known for creating slots games that come with a straightforward approach and the Judo Ferret slots game is no different from others they’ve created. The slots game is impressive. The slots game comes with three random progressive jackpots, that can be paid to the casino player at any time. The emphasis of the Judo Ferret slots game is that the casino player can be engaged and entertained by its elements that include an exotic locale and a variety of symbols that provide them with ingenious wins. When the game begins, the ferret is in battle with a chipmunk and provides an interesting martial arts competition to the casino player.Judo Ferret online slot USA

Judo Ferret Game Overview

The slots games has an array of Asian symbols in the slots game such as a gong, that makes noise when it appears in a winning spin, a judo belt as well as a kick pad. The symbols are an additional aspect to the traditional card playing symbols such as the Jack and Queen. The Judo Ferret operates as the slots game’s wild car dymbol and when he shows up on the reel that is winning, the payout to the casino player is tripled. If the casino player sees a total of five ferrets show up on one of the paylines, then the casino player is rewarded with a total of 7,500 coins. The scatter symbol in the Judo Ferret slots game is the gong. When three gongs show up on a reel, the payout to the casino player is doubled. Four gongs pay the casino player a total of 20X and five gongs yield the casino player with 250 times their payout.

In addition to the massive ways that casino players can win, the Judo Ferret slots game also has a bonus games option. This is triggered when three gongs show up. The casino player is given the option to choose from six free spins with a 5X multiplier, ten free games with a 3X multiplier payoff or a total of 15 games that come with a 2X payoff. The option is up to the casino player. The jackpot as well as the bonus spins of the Judo Ferret slots game are considered by some casino enthusiasts to be some of the best ever offered in the arena of online slots. Nuworks Gaming outdid themselves in creating this particular slots game. Casino players looking to win and win big with this slots game will find that they can easily do with it with the Judo Ferret video slots game.