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The Mental Performance Aspect of Video Poker Play

Video poker is one of the most popular online casino games played by people from the United States. How it closely resembles table poker and its strategic nature are two of the major reasons why it’s so popular. A lot of video poker variations have a payout rate higher than 100 percent with perfect play, and that makes it a very attractive game as well. People who play video poker a lot try to learn the proper strategies so that they can lower the house advantage as much as possible, but there is another way to improve on your game.
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Level of Mental Performance

Something that a lot of video poker players don’t pay attention to is their level of mental performance. It’s simply not enough to learn all of the right strategies when playing a game as complicated as video poker. There are a lot of calculations and complicated decisions that have to be made, and it’s inevitable that you will make mistakes while playing. However, your level of mental conditioning will help to lower the frequency of these mistakes, and this is another way to work on your advantage. By making as few mistakes as possible, the payout rate of the game will increase and so will your chances of winning.There are a few major factors that can contribute to a lower level of mental performance.
Fatigue cause by Video Poker
Fatigue is one of the most common factors because people usually play after they have worked all day or performed other types of activities. You can compensate for fatigue by slowing down your play and thinking through you decisions a little more carefully instead of making impulsive decisions. Recognizing that you are tired is very important as well because this is what begins the cycle of compensation when making video poker decisions.Other than fatigue, you should also look out for distractions.
Some level of distraction cannot be avoided since it’s not practical to lock yourself in a quiet room every single time that you play. However, being mindful of distractions affecting your play can help you compensate just like when you realize that you are tired. With that being said, there are some types of distractions that you can eliminate completely. If you’re talking on an instant messenger, it might not be the best time to play video poker for $5 a hand if you aren’t used to the stakes, for example.

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