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Two Big Promotions Going On At Bovada Online Casino

Bovada Online Casino plans to send one lucky casino gambler to the Philippines. The Philippines is full of many casinos and is actually the only in the continent that allows online casinos. Manila, the capital city is known for its excellent tourist destinations and is often the place where poker tournaments take place. The largest of the poker tournaments will take place in January 2014. Bovada Poker’s APS will finish in Manila. Bovada Online Casino has decided to give casino enthusiasts the opportunity to win a $5,000 package that allows them to be present in the Philippines at Bovada Poker’s Anonymous Poker Series. The package will include a 7 night stay, $1,100 in spending money and of course, airfare.

How to join the tournament?

In order to play in the tournaments at Bovada Online Casino, you have to have a buy in of at least $7.70 or more and if you earn at least 50 Poker Points per week you are entered into the drawing. More points means more entries into the drawing, however. The contest will conclude on August 11, 2013 at 11:59 EST. US players are encouraged by Bovada Online Casino to enter and see if they can win. Hurry up and take advantage of this great contest and you’ll be on your way to Manila in no time.Casino Home Run!Think you are an All-Star at the casino, then feel free to step up to the plate and take a swing and you will get the chance to score up to $50 of bonus chips. The Casino Home Run promotion at Bovada Online Casino promises to give you these bonus chips if you complete four simple tasks prior to July 29. The more tasks you are able to complete, then the more bases you round and that means bigger winning!Here is the Casino Home Run Task List1. Wager at least $500 in either Blackjack or another casino table game.

2. Wager at least $1,000 in Bovada Online Casino

3. Wager a $100 minimum on any of the slot machines at Bovada Online Casino

4. Place a Baseball bet of at least $10 prior to July 29.

If you complete 1 of the 4 tasks, you receive a $5 bonus chip. If you complete 2 of the 4 tasks, you will receive a $10 bonus in chips. If you complete 3 of the 4 tasks, you will receive a $20 chip bonus and if you complete all 4 tasks, you score a home run and are able to receive a $50 chip bonus. So step up the plate and give it all you’ve got and come away with up to $50 in bonus chips. There are certain terms and conditions with the Casino Home Run promotion. If you wager at least $1000 at Bovada Online Casino and a portion of that particular wager includes $500 on a table game, you will qualify automatically for the $10 bonus in chips. If you wager $1000 at Bovada Online Casino and a portion of that wager includes $100 at the Slots, you will qualify automatically for the $10 bonus in chips. If you the player wager $1000 on any of the casino games which includes a total of $500 at the Blackjack table or any other table games as well as $100 at the Slots, you will qualify automatically for $20 in bonus chips.

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