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What is a Good Strategy for Roulette? – Expert Breakdowns of Betting Systems


While playing roulette, you’ve probably wondered: “what is a good strategy for roulette?” and searched for a simple answer. Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer to this question, because opinions vary.

Most professional players will tell you that a progressive system works best, while others are convinced that you should always bet flat. So, we’re going to examine these to see which one is actually a good strategy for roulette.

After all, exploring your options is better than blindly following the first theory you find. So, let’s take a look.

Good Strategy for Roulette

Progressive Betting Systems

In roulette, some of the most infamous strategies feature a progressive system that uses patterns to increase your stakes.  However, these are skewed towards wins, and if you lose, it can turn sour quickly if you’re not careful.

Basically, you either increase your wager on a win or loss according to a defined pattern like the Fibonacci sequence or just doubling each time.

Some of the most popular progressive strategies include:

  1. Martingale


  1. Labouchere
  2. D’Alembert
  3. Fibonacci

Good strategy for Roulette? – Non-Progressive Theory

While it might be tempting to believe that increasing your bets is worth it, there’s a better system out there. In flat bet systems, you keep betting the same amount on multiple outcomes. Generally, this will pay out more without putting everything on a possible win.

One of the most popular systems is the James Bond strategy, which covers half the table in wagers. So, if you keep it to one unit, you could possibly win more than you expect. Or, be the unluckiest person in history, but that’s why gambling is so fun.

No Good Strategy for Roulette

We’ve written plenty of guides on roulette strategies over the years, but we can’t find a fool-proof one. In essence, it’s because games of chance just don’t work with any system; mathematical or otherwise.

So, save your money and use our favorite method: multi-bets on red/black and zero because you’ll land on one of them more often than single-outcomes.

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