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What is Online Baccarat?

Baccarat is a game that not a lot of people have played. According to some fresh data regarding the most popular casino games in the United States, it is estimated that only 1% of the avid casino visitors have actually played the game.

Somewhat coincidentally, the game is also largely related with the 1%, which, in a casino context, means high roller players. Generally, if you try to join a baccarat table in a brick-and-mortar casino, you can expect to be paying buy-ins upwards of $1,000. And, this isn’t even only in casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

Understandably, not a lot of people have had the chance to play the game due to the financial paywall. But the internet is a wonderful thing as online casinos act as great liberalizers. Buying your way into an online baccarat table can cost as little as $1 at some sites.

what is online baccarat

So, there has been a boom in interest in baccarat because it is readily available to pretty much any player. Also, it seems pretty fun to play, and you can bet on the dealer, which isn’t possible in all casino games.

So, what exactly is online baccarat other than just the online version of the regular casino game? Let’s have a look below.

Basics of Online Baccarat

Baccarat is a game that is pretty easy to understand. Although there are many variants of the game, they all work in a similar manner with some minor rule changes. Here is what a regular game of baccarat looks like:

  • Every game starts with a bet on the outcome of the game. You can bet in yourself or the dealer to win or a tie (which is extremely unlikely).
  • Following your bet, you and the dealer are dealt two cards face up.
  • If your hand total is between 0 and 5, you will be dealt a third card.
  • If your hand total is either 6 or 7, you do not get a third card.
  • You win the game immediately if your hand total is 8 or 9.

In baccarat, you winning the hand can actually be detrimental to you if you bet on the dealer or a tie. Because every casino has an in-baked house edge, betting on the dealer is actually a good idea in baccarat. However, you will have to pay a small fee on every win you get, unfortunately.

Baccarat Hands Explained

It is imperative that you understand how hands work in baccarat before you start playing the game for real money. So, here is all you need to know about baccarat hands before you get started:

  • Cards with a numeric value including the Ace (A – 9) retain their face value.
  • If a hand goes over a score of 9, the second number is the value of your hand. For example, a hand that totals to 15 actually totals to 5.
  • Face cards and cards with a value of 10 have a score of 0. For example, if you are dealt two face cards at the start of the round, you begin the round with a score of 0.
what is baccarat

Should You Play Baccarat?

Baccarat is a casino game with a very low house edge, so it is advisable to play if you are looking for a good chance of a regular win streak. Overall, the game is also pretty easy to understand and play, which is never a bad thing.

If you are keen to try out this game online, we recommend that you visit one of our recommended casino sites. Each offers you the chance to play several baccarat variants.

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