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What Is The Best Seat At A Blackjack Table?

When playing online blackjack games, many players believe that when you sit in the best seat at the table, there is a high chance of you winning the game. However, how true is this and what does sitting at the best seat at the table mean for you.

There are many factors to take into consideration when playing blackjack games. Things such as luck and skill can easily improve your odds. For example, a player who has a working blackjack strategy probably doesn’t need to be seated in a specific place at the table in order to influence their game.

Also, if you are in new blackjack player, being seated in a specific place at a table can easily make playing blackjack a memorable experience. So below, we take you through what is considered to be the best seat at a blackjack table, and we also look at the various other positions that she could fill at the table.

best seat in blackjack

Best Seat At Blackjack Tables

The third base is known as the best seat at any blackjack table. This is because when you sit at the third base, you are the last to get your cards, and you are the last player to decide on whether you want to hit stand or double down.

It is a myth that when you sit at the third base, you have the ability to determine whether or not the entire table loses or wins. You will be the player that has to act on their hand right before the dealer. For example, if you decide to hit rather than stay against the basic recommended blackjack strategy. All the other players could blame you for a bad outcome.

Of course, this could take a turn for the worst if you are a new player. The last thing you want is the rest of the table side-eyeing you. More especially if you are not yet comfortable or have gotten to grips with using a basic blackjack strategy.

Another aspect about the best seat in blackjack is that statistically, it really doesn’t matter where you sit at the blackjack table. There are a number of other external advantages that you can focus on to improve your odds in the game, such as betting limits, strategies and practicing.

Various Blackjack Positions

Now that you know which is the most preferred blackjack seat, there are a few other seating positions at the blackjack table. At land-based casinos, blackjack tables can take up to seven players. This basically means they will be seven seating positions, but only three are the most popular positions. These are their blackjack first base, the third base and shortstop position.

  • First Base: the first base is the seat on the far left of the dealer. When you sit in this position, you will be the first to get your cards, and you were the first person to act.
  • Third base: the seat is on the dealer’s far-right, and it can also be called the Anchor. When you sit in this position, you are able to see all the other player’s cards being without, and you were the last person to act.
  • Shortstop: This is the seat right in the middle of the table. You have the potential of preventing other players on your left-hand side from joining the game.

What Is The Best Seat For Beginners?

When starting out in blackjack, you need to ensure that you somewhat understand how the game is played. Also, it could count in your favor avoiding seats that other players could blame when things go bad.

One of the best seats that could work in your favor as a beginner is a shortstop. This position gives you a decent view of what is happening with the table, and it allows you to stop any additional players from joining the game if the third base position is still open. This allows you to put in extra bets as well.

Depending on the number of players at the table, there are other seating positions that allow you to get a good view of the moves your competitors are making. For example, the fourth position on the right-hand side of the shortstop gives you a good view of what is happening on the table while not giving you the responsibility of being in the first or the third base.

best blackjack seat

Best Seat For Card Counters

As you may already know, card counting is a popular blackjack strategy that can sometimes be frowned upon. However, those who know how to use this strategy can walk away from the table with large sums of money. An important part of using the card counting strategy is knowing where to sit at the blackjack table.

Card counters generally sit in the third base position. This gives them a great view of what is happening on the table while also counting cards. This is the main objective of the strategy. When card counting, you have to get a good view of the table. While not making it obvious by moving your head all the time. Unfortunately, other strategies don’t work so well when playing online blackjack games, likewise with choosing blackjack seats.

So, Which Seat Is Best?

The seating position that you choose and blackjack will be completely dependent on your strategy and your experience. Each position that you choose has its advantages and disadvantages. Deciding on what works best for you can ensure an ideal environment for your strategy.

In all honesty, how your competitors’ act should not affect your gameplay. There are a number of blackjack strategies that you can use to improve your success rate. There are also several other positions that can give you a better view of the table. This includes the second base or the fourth base. These seats do not give you the responsibility of taking major decisions.

So, all and all, where you decide to sit will depend on how you intend on playing the game. Make sure to read up on blackjack strategies. So, you fully understand how you intend on making the most out of each blackjack game you play at online casinos in USA.

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