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We believe that the best video poker game to play if you’re looking to win is Joker Poker, followed by Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. These selections are made based on the return-to-player (RTP) percentages, which are your chances of winning.

Most video poker players prefer Jacks or Better games to Joker Poker, but we think it’s a better choice. Of course, we like giving you options, so here’s our list of the ten premier types of video poker:

1. Joker Poker – Payout: 100.64% (Best Video Poker Game)

Best Video Poker GameIf you’re looking for long-term wins with no video poker strategy charts, then Joker Poker is a perfect choice. We chose this as the best video poker game because it offers the best return on investment. Since it includes the joker card as a wild, your odds of getting a royal flush are slightly improved. Plus, getting five-of-a-kind means a 200 to one payout.

2. Deuces Wild Poker – Payout: 100.76%

Deuces Wild Poker Next is Deuces Wild video poker, another wild card poker variant featuring a natural royal flush payout of 800 to one and you get a payout for a pair of twos (Deuces). If that’s not enough to tempt you, you can also try the versions with larger jackpots – Deuces Wild Bonus Poker and Double Bonus Deuces Wild.

3. Jacks or Better – Payout: 99.89%

Best Jacks or Better Video Poker GameComing in a respectable third is Jacks or Better poker, which focuses on cards with a value of ten or more. This variant pays 250 to one on hitting a royal flush and 900 to one if you bet five coins. But we recommend carefully checking the pay table to be sure.

4. Double Double Bonus – Payout: 100.07%

Double Double Bonus Okay, so we know that it technically isn’t in order of payouts, but we’re biased towards the top three. Next is Double Double Bonus, which pays more for four aces and a two. This winning combination pays 400 to one for the lucky hand-holder!

5. Bonus Poker Deluxe – Payout: 99.17%

Bonus Poker DeluxeRounding out the top five best video poker games is Bonus Poker Deluxe, a spin on Bonus Poker that features more wild cards and a simpler set of rules. In Bonus Poker Deluxe, you get 80 to one odds for Four Aces, 40 to one for four deuces, threes, and fours; and four-of-a-kind pays 25 to one.

6. Loose Deuces – Payout: 100.97%

Loose Deuces - Best Video Poker GameStarting the bottom five is Loose Deuces, which, like Deuces Wild, uses twos as the wild cards. Deuces can finish a high-ranked hand, except for a Royal Flush, so keep them if you can. These games also allow you to play multiple hands, so keep a strategy chart nearby.

7. Aces and Eights – Payout: 99.78%

Aces and EightsNext up is Aces and Eights, which emphasizes hands containing a pair of aces or eights. While it’s a little more complicated to learn, you can get the house edge down. Of course, you’ll have to practice, but that’s what free play mode is for!

8. All American – Payout: 99.60%

All AmericanFollowing that is All American video poker, which shares similarities with the Double Bonus Pokers. It has a 0.04% house edge if you find a 35-8-8-8-3-1-1 paytable, which pays the most on winning hands.

9. Double Bonus – Payout: 99.37%

While it doesn’t have as much excitement as later versions, Double Bonus still features the same hand rankings and rules. You will need to look for the games with 45-10-7-5-3-1-1 paytables if you want the listed payback percentage.

10. Pick‘Em Poker – Payout: 99.95%

Double Bonus Video PokerLast but not least is Pick’Em Poker, which needs a bit more strategy and knowledge than the others. You will receive eight cards and need to make a winning hand from them in this game. But it’s difficult to keep up with the pace if you’re unsure of the game.

Play The Best Video Poker Games

All of the best video poker games we’ve listed feature draw poker rules, and hand rankings including Straight Flush, Royal, normal Straight, and Full House. Some other variants also feature progressive jackpots like a slot machine, so keep an eye out.

If you’re looking to play video poker casino games with a deposit bonus, we highly recommend any of the websites we list. Or, if you’re more of a long-run person, practice for free on your new account.