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What Is the Highest Payout Casino Game?

Have you wondered what the highest payout casino game is? As someone who likes to play gambling games, the aim is to have fun yes, but more so to win money while having fun. That is why a lot of our readers often pose the question of what casino game has the highest payout. In our review of casino games over the years, we have found that there are games that tend to pay more than others. Therefore, we have provided you with a list of casino games with the best odds. In addition to those games, we look at what factors influence your chances of winning or getting the best payout.

What Casino Game Has the Highest Payout

When it comes to finding what casino game has the highest payout you need to consider the odds. It’s easy to see which slot machines pay the best because you just have to look at the RTP percentage. Games that have more bets and variations do not have just one standard possible return to player. With gambling games other than slots, look at the house edge to calculate the odds and risk of the game. House edge is the advantage the casino has going into the game. The lower the house edge percentage the better.

What Casino Game Has the Highest Payout

1.      Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better video poker is one of the best gambling games to play if you are looking for high payouts. With a 0.46% edge the game has one the lowest house edge in comparison to other video poker games. Furthermore, it is one of the games which can give you a full payout with no casino commission.

2.      Blackjack

For a game that has made millionaires this game is extremely simple. However, its simplicity and low 0.5% house edge often fools many players into thinking they can just wing it. Although it has a low house edge, it’s in the way you bet and play that can ensure you get the highest payout possible. Have you heard of the man who broke Atlantic City playing blackjack and winning over a million dollars in on night? That’s how well blackjack can pay out if you know what you are doing.

3.      Three-Card Poker

The poker game most similar to Blackjack is one of the casino games with the best odds. It follows poker hand hierarchies, however, the sequence it follows is that of blackjack. Your game play and payout are influenced by the house edge of 1.5% and the initial bet you place.  We must say though, that most of the bets in 3 card poker do not have the highest payouts. However, with the bonus bets you can come out with a really high payout.

Play High Paying Casino Games

Although we only mention three games there are other games which have the potential to payout big wins. For instance, craps has dozens of bets and good number of those have some of the highest payouts you will get in a gambling game. If you would like to play these highest paying casino games you can sign up to one of the US online casinos we recommend. They offer new players great bonuses to test out real money games.

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