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What Numbers Hit The Most In Keno?

We found that numbers 1, 4, 5, 7, 34, 72, and 74 are the number hit the most in keno over the year. However, determining which numbers hit the most in keno will depend on many things. These can range from location to superstitions or frequency. Keno is a fun lottery styled game played all over the US.

With that, online keno games use a number generator to determine the winning numbers. Some lotteries have made your life easier by creating tables that pull the numbers hit the most in keno over 355, 180, 90 or even 30 days. These will obviously be based on a specific keno game. So, finding the number that hit the most in keno will take some doing.

What Numbers Hit The Most In Keno

Determining What Numbers Hit The Most In Keno

In a game of online keno, every number or spot has the same probability of getting picked, but it might be entertaining to rely on popular keno strategy, even if it doesn’t benefit us at all.

On the Internet, there is statistical software that uses data from keno games worldwide to determine the most often drawn numbers over a set number of games.

The Michigan Lottery, for example, has a hot and cold number generator that is based on the results of the last 10 to 100 keno games played. Below, we take the top ways to determine the number that hit ten most for keno games.

Most Drawn Numbers

before you place your bet, you can look at the previous results of that keno games. Most casinos and lottery pages will display these numbers on their sites. You will then spot which numbers have been drawn the most in the past five or so draws.

Hot Numbers

This is a common thing that you will hear in all lottery styled games; it means frequent numbers in the last 50 draws. With the most frequent numbers, there is no guarantee that they will appear again in the next draw, but they are bound to appear again because they have been drawn several times in the last 50 games.

Cold Numbers

These numbers haven’t been at all or less frequently in the last couple of draws. The numbers with the lowest frequency of occurrence also have a high chance of being picked but haven’t. These numbers tend to be popular as most [players think they are “due,” which means it is a “must pick” number shortly.

Chinese Lucky Numbers

The Chinese are considered people which a high value on luck. This is why they chose to correlate certain numbers with mystical connotations. In the Chinese understanding of keno, there are several “special” numbers; therefore, here are their meanings:

  • 6 denotes riches and is the number of Chinese enterprises
  • 8 has a strong magical connotation and power, as it is the number of prosperity and wealth
  • 9 is the Chinese Emperor’s number, with spiritual overtones (harmony and cultural meanings).

Play Keno Online

Despite your beliefs and superstitions, Keno is purely based on luck, as you can’t foresee which numbers will be picked. Even if you’ve played the game for years and never won, every new draw will give all participants the same opportunity to win.

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