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Bingo is undoubtedly one of the most light-hearted, family-friendly casino games. The game is usually played in bingo halls but can be enjoyed at online casinos too. Let’s start at the beginning though. Have you ever wondered what the origins of the game is and why it’s called bingo?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because that’s what we’ll get into next. Continue reading for a more detailed look into the history of the game and how it ended up being called BINGO!

Bingo Game History

Bingo in its most traditional form can be traced back to 1530, Italy. More people began playing the game, thus growing its popularity in other regions like France by the 1770s. In France, the game was particularly favoured by wealthy Frenchmen who played it as a leisure activity. Germans then found out about the game in the 1800s and found a more productive purpose for it. They used elements of the game to teach students history, spelling and even math.

Why Is It Called Bingo

It’s unclear when the game finally reached the US, but we know that it was known as beano at the time. The name beano came from the use of beans in the game. A dealer would pick numbered little discs from a box and call it out. Players would then mark the number off if it was on their card, and they’d use a bean to do this. Whoever managed to get a winning pattern first would yell, BEANO!

The game’s popularity further grew and reached parts of North America under the name beano. But, that soon changed in 1929 at a carnival in Georgia. Edwin Lowe was the name of one of the players at the carnival, and he took it upon himself to rename the game after he heard someone shout out BINGO instead of BEANO when they completed a winning pattern. The game was called BINGO ever since.

Modern Bingo Games

A lot has changed and improved about the game since then. Bingo halls operate with better playing cards, professional callers, nice markers, proper seating and even cash prizes. Of course, you can also play bingo for real money online at any of the trusted online casinos that we list here at Best USA Casino Sites.

Players have now even developed strategies to help you win when playing bingo online. If you would like to know more about bingo, we’ve got you covered. Have a look at some of the other guides about the game, here.