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Are Online Roulette Tables Rigged?

is online roulette table riggedMany players ask the question, “are online roulette tables rigged?” After all, you are trusting that a machine will provide you with completely random results. Since most players cannot reverse engineering casino games, it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that online casinos have ample opportunity to cheat players without them knowing.

But, do casino sites take advantage of this, particularly regarding roulette? Well, this is a question we aim to explore. Below we analyze whether you can really trust casino games.

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Is Online Roulette Rigged?

This is a question that gets asked on the internet often but in many formats. Essentially, you could probably find a Quora or Reddit thread featuring a discussion of the fairness of pretty much every popular casino game.

The truth of the matter is that a game’s fairness is tied to whether a casino chooses to operate honestly. What this means is that there are casinos that offer fair online roulette games. But some casinos offer rigged roulette games.

is online roulette rigged

Losing Does Mean a Game is Rigged

It is important to know that losing is not a sign of a game being rigged. You are not guaranteed to win a roulette game. It is a game of chance, which means you could win or lose.

Given how the house edge works, you are actually more likely to lose any bet you place – even money bets included. And this is not unfair – it’s just how casinos have operated since the first-ever gambling house opened.

Also, most players need to get rid of the idea that “you are bound to win a bet sometime.” Games are random. So, sometimes you get lucky with a long winning streak. Other times, you get unlucky with a long losing streak.

Responsible gamblers should know when to take a break if a game isn’t going their way. Many gamblers go bust because they respond emotionally to a losing streak. Afterward, they look to blame their bad decisions on the casino when their financial ruin was their own doing.

How to Spot Fair Gambling Sites

So, we mentioned above that the fairness of any casino game is usually tied to the casino’s honesty. A few questions will help you determine whether a casino is fair before you sign up and play real money games. These questions include:

  • Is the casino licensed?
  • Are games regularly audited by independent gambling governing bodies?
  • Does the casino use SSL encryption to encode the information you share with it?
  • Is the site powered by a well-known casino software provider? For example, Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, NetEnt, Arrow’s Edge, etc.

If there are unclear answers to these questions, you shouldn’t sign up for the casino. More often than not, casinos that fail to provide solid answers to these questions are rogue sites that tend to offer rigged games.

If finding the answers to these questions seems like too hard a task for you, we recommend you default to signing up to one of our casinos listed above. We have done all the checks and can ensure you that all sites are safe to play at.

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