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Many Americans love sports, and it comes as no surprise that they would also be involved in betting on sports. Sports betting is when a punter wagers their money on the outcome of a sporting event. Should their prediction for the outcome be correct, they will be paid out cash. There are also various sports that US gamblers can wager on such as football, baseball, basketball, motorsport, hockey and horse racing

American players can be able to place wagers at a land-based sports betting venue or the best sports betting sites USA on the internet. Our guide will help US players know more about the best online sports betting, the types of online sports betting, US online sports betting odds and find a list of the best betting sites in USA.

Trusted Best American Sportsbooks October 2019

Below is a listing of the best sports betting websites for US players. Use Visa, MasterCard and Amex (in some cases) to make secure and reliable deposits at these top sports betting sites USA.

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Before May 2018, the professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) did not allow American states to legalise sports betting. However, punters were not prohibited from placing wagers on sports events through offshore sportsbooks, but they were not allowed to wager in their states.

What’s more, some states were exempt from this Act and were allowed to accept wagers from US gamblers. States such as Montana, Nevada and Delaware are exempt from this law. However, they had made sports betting legal before the PASPA was passed. Since May 14th 2018, the law has changed.

US Online Sports Betting: U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

As we have mentioned the law was changed on 14 May 2018. This was due to the New Jersey and Supreme Court case that was happening prior to the law change. New Jersey put a case to the Supreme court to overturn the PASPA and allow states to choose whether to legalise sports betting in each state or not.

The supreme court ruled that sports betting in the US will no longer be banned and each state was given the power to decide on making sports betting legal or not in their states. There are already states that have legalised sports betting including New Jersey. This ruling has also affected the legality of American sports betting online. Which will also be decide by the various states.

How Does Sports Betting USA Work?

At the best American sportsbooks, punters need to be the minimum age of 18 years to be able to place wagers on sports events. However, in Nevada gamblers have to be 21 years to take part in US online sports betting. To create an account, the top sports betting sites USA will need a punter’s information such as a name, age and address. Once the verification is done then, punters can start placing wagers on their favoured sports event.

Before placing wagers, punters have to choose which bet they want to make. There are different kinds of bets such as parlay, in-play, straight, teaser and future to decide on. Next, players will have to choose a side by merely clicking on the side that they want for that particular sport. Choose how much to wager, confirm the wager and the bet has been made.

Types of Online Sports Betting USA

As we have mentioned before, there are different kinds of sports that US players can wager on. However, online sports betting sites USA offer the most popular sports such as:

  • 1. Football Betting – This includes placing wagers on the three big leagues, NCAA, NFL and the CFL. The Superbowl is the most popular sports event that US punters like to wager on.
  • 2. Basketball Betting – Another sport that has a big following in America. US gamblers can wager on the NBA or College basketball events.
  • 3. Baseball Betting – Whether it is the minor or major league, US punters who are interested in this sport can place wagers on the outcome of matches.
  • 4. Tennis Betting – In this sport, gamblers will place wagers on the result of the women and men’s tournaments whether it is Wimbledon, the French or Australian Open.
  • 5. Golf Betting – Betting on golf may seem complicated because it is not based on the outcome of tournaments only but player performance and hole-in-ones.

Online Sports Betting Odds

The odds on sports betting in the US show the chances a bet winning. However, there are different ways that they are shown. There are also the best online sport bet odds calculators on the internet that punters can use.

Three ways the online sports gambling odds are shown is the American, Fractional and Decimal odds. The fractional odds are for the UK and can be shown as 2/1 odds. The decimal odds are European and can be shown as 3.00 odds.

The American odds are used for favourites and underdogs. For example, the sports gambling online odds for a match between Team Red vs Team Blue may be shown like this:

Team Red vs Team Blue

+300 underdogs vs -200 favourite

This means that the negative/minus number is how much you must bet to make a $100 profit for the favourites and the positive/plus number is how much you will win if the underdogs win. So, if team blue is a favourite to win the game and you want to win $100, you will have to wager $200. If you choose to wager $100 on the underdogs, team red, you will win $300 when they win.

USA Mobile Betting Websites

Sports enthusiast use mobile phones to be updated on upcoming matches and results of the past matches. When the best USA sportsbooks have a sports betting app USA, it becomes a helpful tool that punters can use for such information. However, not knowing which sports betting apps are the best sports betting apps USA can be tricky.

The top sports betting apps offer mobile-friendly user experience and other features that can be found on the desktop or mobile web browser sportsbooks for US. Having the best sport betting apps directly on the mobile home screen can increase the enjoyment and experience of mobile betting on sports.

eSports online Betting USA

eSports has become popular and continues to grow year on year. Hence, there is eSports betting which is also growing in popularity.

There are many esports betting websites USA, and it may not be simple to know which one is safe and regulated. To ensure that an esports betting site is secure, check which jurisdiction the online sports betting site is regulated. Check for the Best US online sportsbooks reviews by other players to find out what they are saying about it. This will help you know more about the sportsbook US site, and its legitimacy.

With esports betting, wagers are made on the overall outcome of the event or a match. However, there are also bets such as live betting and in-play betting. You can find out more about esports betting in the US from our guide.

FAQs About the Best Sports Betting Books

Can I bet on sports online in USA?

Bettors will only be allowed to bet on sports online if their state allows the betting on sports online. However, there are states that have legalised sports betting which includes online sports betting.

Where Can I Bet on Sports?

Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia allow bettors to make legal sports bets.

Can I bet online in USA?

As of May 14th 2018, the supreme court has removed the ban on sports betting allowing American states to determine their sports betting laws. This means that each state will choose whether to legalise sports betting or not. So, far there are a few states that have legalised sports betting.

What is the age restriction for US sports betting?

The age restriction on sports betting in USA differs by state, but it mostly corresponds with the state-imposed restriction for land-based casinos. Alaska, Wyoming, Idaho, Minnesota have an age restriction of 18 years. While the other states is 21 years.

What is the best online sportsbook?

Our USA online sports betting guide has a list of the best online sportsbook for US players. We have carefully selected the American sports betting sites and put them through a stringent review process to ensure that they are the best.

Which states consider wagering on sports as illegal sports betting?

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon and Virginia have not legalised sports betting yet.

In what states is sports betting legal?

Arkansas and Pennsylvania are due to allow sports betting in 2019. Delaware, Mississippi, New Jersey, Rhode Island and West Virginia legalised sports betting in 2018. Nevada, Delaware and Montana have legal sports betting already.

Where can I bet on sports online?

We have listed the top US sports betting sites above for you to choose from. All the USA betting sites have been reviewed to ensure that they are safe and offer the top sports betting odds.

Is online sports betting legal in Arkansas?

Currently, Arkansas is working on legal sports betting and the racing commission has already approved the sports betting rules. In November 2018, the state’s voters approved sports wagering.

What is a Sportsbook?

A sportsbook is a venue where bettors can place bets on specific spots event where any winners will be paid out.