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Our site “” hereinafter referred to as BUCS is an online marketing and advertising website that focuses on providing information to visitors interested in gambling at online casinos. BUCS is a site that accepts payments for advertising of companies found listed here on the site. Our opinions about the representation of the companies found here on BUCS are our own and not influenced by any such payments by advertisers. We only offer information for educational purposes and make no warranties about the information found featured on BUCS. We’ll do our best to ensure that the information is current and accurate but make no guarantees about the information found on BUCS.

BUCS must inform visitors to its site that they must be of legal age to gamble at online casinos and must be eligible where they are geographically located. This means that it must be completely legal to play where you are located. It is your sole responsibly to check with the laws where you are located prior to playing at any of the casinos listed here on BUCS. We take no responsibility in laws that may be broken by your playing at online casinos found featured here on our site. You also must be of legal age to play where you are located. Different countries, states and provinces have different rules both in regards to both the legality behind playing at online casinos as well as what age you must be to do so.

Gambling online can result in significant losses so BUCS encourages players to do decide to play at online casinos listed here to use their own best judgement when playing online. BUCS takes no responsibility for losses incurred by playing at online casinos that players may be referred to here on BUCS. As such by using our site you hereby indemnify BUCS for any losses that may be incurred by playing at online casinos that you may have been referred to by BUCS.