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US Online Casino Player Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Certainly there are plenty of questions United States players have when it comes to online gambling, because of the fact that a certain "gray area" has been created by current laws. What we would like to do is to clear up some of this confusion, as best we can, and give you an insight as to what to expect from the present atmosphere, insofar as the way it affects U.S. residents.

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  • US Online Casino Player Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Below are some commonly asked questions by US players when it comes to things pertaining to playing at online casinos. If you're a player from the USA and looking for more information about legality, etc... we suggest that you read the following.

  • Is there something illegal for players from the U.S. to play at an online casino?

    No, there isn't. There is nothing about your participation in online casino gaming that can result in an arrest if you are a United States resident. Have fun.

  • Then why do I hear about a "ban on gambling" in the United States?

    Well, that "ban" is essentially something that covers the activities of financial institutions located in the U.S., or doing business in the U.S., prohibiting them from taking part in gaming-related transactions. It means that theoretically, banks have to block these transactions wherever they can.

  • What is the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act?

    This is the piece of legislation by which this "ban": on banking activity was put into U.S. law. Its origins are dubious; in fact, it was passed at the end of a legislative session as a last-minute rider (attachment) onto a port security bill that was completely unrelated, and by a United States senator who was leaving office to boot. There was no discussion of it on the floor, and because the port security bill was to pass without too much trouble, this rider which contained the UIGEA was passed along with it. This is all part of a very shaky system by which many questionable laws in the United States are passed. A process such as this has led to much debate over whether bills should even contain riders that are unrelated.

  • Could the UIGEA ever be overturned?

    The UIGEA has been challenged with alternative legislation that would bring online casino US gaming into the same category as many other industries; that is to say, where it would be legalized and regulated. More and more sentiment is moving toward that. Congressman Barney Frank has been among the legislators who have tried to bring about change in this area.

  • So how does this affect my play?

    It really doesn't affect your play as much as it would the activities of operators. The thrust of efforts on the part of the U.S. Department of Justice has been toward sportsbooks, and though poker is affected, it is not necessarily threatened as a participant activity. Sites offering casino games online have not been affected very much at all.

  • Then why do so few casinos open themselves up to U.S. action?

    Because some casinos are fearful of running afoul of U.S. law and are patiently waiting for the legal atmosphere to change. Most simply have difficulty with processing transactions through the ways they are most comfortable, because those avenues have been blocked.

  • Should I ask my bank if they will process my transaction?

    Well, we can't really advise you in that area, because we wouldn't want you to create a red flag. However, we will tell you that there are certain banks that are not happy with the intrusion into their business brought about by the UIGEA, and are not all that anxious to cooperate in reporting the transactions of their customers.

  • But there are ways I can participate in online gaming from the U.S.?

    Yes there are, and we will show you some of them. There are casinos who accept U.S. wagers, and we will review them. They have methods by which you can deposit, and they will facilitate them. So relax, play, and good luck!

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