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NHL Odds

NHL odds USAUnderstanding the NHL odds allow bettors to leverage their ice hockey knowledge and possibly make lots of money. Betting on hockey isn’t always about picking game winners. There are several game predictions that bettors can bet on and in order to make the most of each bet. US punter have to understand how the different NHL odds and how they work. Turn your predictions about who will score the goal or which team will win the Eastern Conference in cash.

The NHL does not have the most significant following in America; however, some punters are passionate about the sport. Seven of the 31 NHL team are from the US. Bettors are sure to find that NHL betting lines somewhat have better value than in major sports. The betting options are flexible, which can be of advantage to the US punters. The complexity of a bet will not increase your chances of winning. Each bet is independent, and punters can increase their odds using more straightforward and more effortless bets.

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Types of NHL Odds

Moneyline Odds

Betting on the NHL money line is quite a straightforward sports bet, and the easiest way of thinking about it is as if 100 was sitting in between the favourite and the underdog.

Example: Boston Bruins (-150) vs Detroit Red Wings (+120). In this case, the Bruins are the favourite, and the Red Wings are the underdogs.

If you want to place a -150-favourite bet you would have to risk $150 in order to win $100. If you place a +120-underdog bet, you have to risk $100 to win $120.

Puckline Odds

Puckline odds require teams to win by two or more goals for bettors to win the wager. The negative value attached to the team means that the team is favoured in goals. Positive values attached to the team suggest that the team is underdog by that number of goals.

Example: Carolina Hurricanes -1, +150 vs New Jersey Devils +1, – 120

If you bet $100 on the Hurricanes, you would make $150 if they win by two goals or more. Backing the Devils would mean that you have to risk $120. If they win or lose the game by one goal, you will win a wager of $100

NHL betting odds


Over/Under Odds

When betting using the over/under bet the bettors have to decide if the final total will be higher or lower than the oddsmakers total.

Example: In a game between Chicago Blackhawks and the Winnipeg Jets the oddsmaker will usually set the total at 5 or 5.5. If you bet on the over the final total from the game has to be 6 or more. If you bet on the under you are hoping that the final total is five or less.

If you see Blackhawks 5, u-180 (u is standing for under) it means that the final total has to be five goals or less and bettors have to risk $180 to bet the under. If you see Jets 5, o+150 bettors will profit $150 by risking $100 if the total goals scored is 6 or more.

Futures Odds

Futures betting odds can see punters make vast sums of money. When betting on which team you think will win the top-ranked team may be +500 odds. If the Dallas Stars are the top-ranked team, you stand to make $5 for every $1 wagered if the stars win.

Prop Bet Odds

Proposition bets are the most entertaining bets in the NHL. Prop bets are made on whether or not something will happen or will not happen. Betting odds can be placed on which team will score the first goal in the game, which team will win the Western Conference, will the final game score be an odd or even number or if there will be a goal scored in the second period.

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