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NHL Betting Lines – NHL Best Picks

NHL betting

NHL Betting Lines are the best way for you to dabble in an icy hockey-focused betting atmosphere. The National Hockey League also known as the NHL is the premier ice hockey league in North America.

It goes without saying that NHL betting online is popular not only in the US but worldwide. Further that you will find here wil help you get a hang of betting on the league.

We make live NHL betting odds easier to understand with our NHL betting tips in our guide below. You will also find the top NHL betting sites.

Best NHL Betting Lines

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$12250 BONUS 98.28% Payout - Rating: 4.2/5

NHL Betting Explained

There are various NHL odds and lines.  the following are the popular NHL bets that can be found at the best sports betting sites.

  • Over/Under: Also known as totals bet, gamblers bet on the number of goals scored in a game. Oddsmakers will set a number based on what the total goals from the game will be.  You have to bet on whether the actual goals will be under or over the total.
  • Moneyline bet: The most popular bet in the NHL is the moneyline as it only asks bettors to choose a team that will win the game. Positive and negative values are attached to the underdog and the favorites. Bettors stand to gain more wagering on the underdog in comparison to risking more on the favorite.
  • NHL Futures: NHL future bets are made on events that take place in the future. So, you will bet on who will win the NHL or Stanley Cup at online sports betting sites.
  • Puck lines: the puckline is a combination of the nhl moneyline and the point spread in a hockey game. To win the puck line bet, the team is required to win or lose by the spread that been set. Puckline wagering is fascinating as it creates a fair playing field between two teams.

NHL Betting Tips

Before we get into who you should bet on between the Boston Bruins, Dallas Stars or Tampa Bay Lightning. We look at a few tips that will help with betting on the Stanley cup playoffs. The following tips will ensure that NHL betting odds for the Stanley cup favor you.

  • Pay attention to live trends as you may find a good opportunity to bet against the public.
  • There are several tools you can use to increase your odds. You can make use of the NHL series odds converter payout calculator to calculate potential winnings.
  • Before taking part in the action, research the NHL tips at various online sportsbooks.
  • Have good bankroll management to use at the sportsbook of your choice. When placing a bet, don’t bet more than 10% of your available bankroll at one time.
  • Research the team’s home/road records and look out for the special teams.
  • Be aware of the schedules and in-game betting trends. This way you will know how well the Pittsburgh Penguins, St Louis Blues or Golden Knights are doing before betting.



NHL playoffs

NHL Exhibition Games

You can place bets on various types of NHL games. Some of the popular options to bet on include:

  • Winter Classic: The winter classic is played on New Year’s Day. The outdoor hockey game is an annual tradition that brings together families and friends for a fun day out.
  • Stanley Cup: Once there is one team left from the Eastern and the Western Conference, these top two teams in the NHL will go head to head for the Stanley Cup.  The winning team gets to spend the summer having fun with the cup.
  • All-Star Game: The All-Star game is all about featuring the top NHL players. Furthermore, showcasing the greatest league talents while taking a break from the intensity of the regular season.

Other NHL games available are on stadium series games, rivalry games, global series games as well as heritage classic games. Each of the games has a storyline attached to them. Moreover, they are an exciting way to learn more about the NHL teams while making some money.

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