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Are online slots rigged?

Recently updated on June 22nd, 2020

Most players are hesitant to play slot machines due to many thinking that slots are rigged. Every player has gone through a time where no matter how much they bet there would be no win in sight. After a few losses, players start to wonder whether or not the slot machines have been tampered with. We understand that when playing online, you may become a little skeptical about how slots work. Is ever spin really random? Are the games fair? Or can you actually win? The biggest question is Are online slots rigged?  We have decided to put all put those worries to rest.

Firstly, internet slots at reputable casino sites are not rigged. Secondly, each game is fair, and all results are completely random. We can only be a hundred percent sure of these facts if a casino is transparent about its return to player and random number generator mechanics.

online slots rigged

Are RNG in Slots Rigged?

The Random number generator is designed on a string of random numbers that will produce symbols on slot machines. The software aims to ensure that ever combinations on the slot is random. Essentially casino sites cannot control the results of every players spin. The RNG, as well as the RTP, ensure that casinos make a profit without having to rig slots machines.

Slots House Edge

You may be wondering what the point of the house edge is in terms of slots being rigged. The house is a built-in feature that tells the players how much the slot will payout in its lifetime. Software providers such as BetSoft, Rival and Microgaming will promote the RTP into the slot. The amount that is paid out to players in comparison to the amount wagered on the game over a certain period is the RTP.

For example, the Bubble Bubble Slot machine from RTG has an RTP of 95%. This means this particular slot will payout an average of 95% of what it makes in its life time. The other 5% is the house edge which is what the casino or software provider will make.

Tips to Make Sure That You Don’t Play Rigged Slots

We have put together a few tips to play players enjoy a safe and secure slots experience.

  1. Check the casino sites regulatory and licensing information
  2. Play slots from reputable software providers
  3. Check that the slot game has been certified by a testing authority.
  4. Ensure that the casino is regularly audited.

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It is important that players only play slots at legitimate casino websites. This is where they can be sure that they are playing fair games that could potentially payout. There are plenty of USA online casinos that offer slot games that are not rigged. we only review legitimate casino sites, and players need to worry about the slots being rigged or being a scam. Independently audited casinos make it much easier to trust the slot machines.

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