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Are Slot Tournaments Rigged?

Slots are generally easy to play but despite their simplicity. you do get desperate players who try by all means to rig the game so that they can get ahead. The fact that slot machines rely solely on luck gives some players even more reason to try and rig the game in their favour.

Slot tournaments are one of the fun and easy tournaments to participate in. Various other tournaments are held for other casino games, but online casino slot tournaments are by far the easiest. Slot games are also extremely popular, especially if it’s a progressive jackpot slot machine.

Why It’s Difficult to Rig a Slot Machine

However, you must be highly skilled in casino software to be able to pull this off, especially during a tournament period when slot machines are checked often.

The results from a slot machine game are completely random thanks to random number generators. This is software installed into the machine that randomly spits out winning numbers and results. To successfully rig a slot tournament, you must possess the skills to hack into the casinos software and alter how the random number generator performs.

In addition to knowing how to do this, you must also possess good knowledge of SSL Encryption code. SSL Encryption technology is used by casinos to safeguard player information, and to prevent potential hacks. The technology puts all information to and from the casino into code that can only be decoded by a staff member at the casino. Cracking this code is an extremely difficult thing to do and many have tried, but failed. So, our honest answer to whether slot tournaments are rigged would be no, but it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility either.

Play Slot Tournaments Online

Casinos regularly host slot machines that are open for anyone to play. The buy-in rate for such a tournament is fairly low making it affordable for all types of players. Give the game a go at any of our casinos below.

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