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How Much Do High Rollers Bet?

Every avid gambler one day wishes to become a high roller. It’s just one of those signs that you have made it in the world financially. You know, like owning a Ferrari or being able to pay for your kid to attend an illustrious private school if you value those sorts of things.

But what exactly makes you a high roller? What is the criterion you need to meet before you can be considered an elite gambler?

Well, the legendary gambler status is actually easy to achieve in principle. The only real criteria you have to meet has got to do with bet amounts. If you bet big, you will soon get the attention of casino employees, and this should improve your status fast.

But, how much do high rollers bet exactly?

We’ll get into this more down below and how it differs between online casinos and land-based casinos. Before we get into that we clarify what a high roller is if you are unsure of the casino terminology.

high roller bets

What is a High Roller in Gambling?

So, a high roller (or a whale) is a person who spends a lot of money at a casino on a regular basis. They bet big and they win big. But as the golden rule of gambling states, the house always wins, so they also lose big.

You cannot spend a lot of money in a single gaming session and expect to be considered a high roller. You need to do it over and over again, which is what we meant when we said “regular basis” in our basic definition.

Being awarded the status of high roller comes with some perks, such as:

  • the casino taking out money to send a private plane to fetch you.
  • Being showered with free champagne.
  • Getting free accommodation in a casino’s expensive hotel suites.

Overall, these perks look very attractive to the average player. But the reality is that if a hotel considers you a high roller, you probably would have been able to pay for these kinds of luxuries anyway.

Thus, probably the best perk of being a high roller is that most casinos (including land-based venues) allow you to negotiate rebates. So, you don’t lose all that much money.

So, How Much Do High Rollers Bet?

Well, the criterion for high rollers differs from casino to casino. All of these criteria have the same basic rules and that is that you have to bet big. What is big though?

Well, firstly it depends on what casino you are playing at. The amount differs greatly from whether you are playing in a casino on the Vegas Strip or Atlantic City versus one in Detroit or Milwaukee.

In general, most Vegas casinos will begin to take a keen interest in you if you bet between $500 and $1000 on each hand. You also need to visit the casino regularly. However, you will probably only feel the full might of their high roller packages if you bet in excess of $100,000 on each hand.

If you go to casinos in areas that are less likely to attract “real” high rollers, the program stipulations are much lower. For example, you may only need to bet about $100 a hand to be seen as a big spender.

Similarly, online gambling sites also lower the bar in this regard. But they also tend to focus a lot more on players making big deposits. A lot of online games have in-built limits that may not allow you to bet as much as you would be allowed to at a land-based casino.

So, operators of a casino site may regard you as a high roller if you make $50 or $100 bets regularly. Thereafter, they may give you access to games with increased limits where you are able to make even bigger bets.

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Is Becoming a High Roller Worth It?

As mentioned above, the answer to this question is dependent on whether you are into this sort of thing. If you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars at a casino, it’s probably because you can afford it.

So, the perks you get from a casino’s high roller program probably really aren’t all that appealing. Because if you are betting $100,000 on each hand, chances are you can afford that 1996 Cristal champagne and private plan too.

Thus, breaking your back to be in this program may seem appealing to the average player. But it really isn’t worth it if it is going to make you behave irresponsibly. So, don’t bet more than you can afford to do so.


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