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How Much Should You Bet in Blackjack?

When playing blackjack, one of the top strategies you should have is knowing how much you should bet in blackjack. With this particular element of playing the casino game, there are two options that you should look at. The two options in terms of how much money you should bet in blackjack are centered on never changing your bet amount according to a blackjack system. Below we have fully explained both betting options to help you have a better understanding of how much you could bet in blackjack.

Much Should You Bet in Blackjack

Flat bet in blackjack

Flat betting is when you keep your bet in blackjack the same. Many players tend to shy away from this particular bet as it can get monotonous. Also, other players assume that with flat betting, the dealer end up winning more hands. Meaning you won’t win any money in the long run. Not only is this incorrect, but in all honesty, the betting system does offer very little thrill to it. With that, it does not mean you will not win any money with this particular betting style.

How flat betting works is that if you make a $5 bet on every hand in a standard multiple deck game, there will be an edge of 0.5%. Basically, you would be losing an average of 0.5% with each bet in blackjack. So, if you had to make a $5 bet on every hand with an average of 50 bets per hour, you would have made a total of $500 bets. With this particular amount, the casino is expected to earn 0.5% of your $500 worth’s of bets which will be $2.50. Of course, in a more realistic setting, you can either lose or win more than this $2.50 per hour. When you make a flat bet in blackjack, you can rest assured that you won’t be chasing any losses with big and necessary bets.

Progressive Bet In Blackjack

Progress betting is an interesting way of placing bets in blackjack games as players will change their bet amount as the game progresses. With progression betting, you will either increase or decrease your next bet depending on whether you’ve just won or lost your hand.

Win progressions suggest that you will increase your bet size after you have just won a hand. So, if you made a $5 bet on a hand and you win, your next stake will then be $10 on a hand. The most popular win progression is the 1-2-3-5 progression. Basically, you will be increasing your bet using multiples of a 1, 2, 3 or 5. If you lose a bet, then you’ll have to start over at 1.

The most popular betting progression system is the Martingale. The system projects that you will double your bet when you lose. So, if you make a $5 bet on a hand and you lose, your next bet will be double your last bet making it $10. this is a very risky betting system as if you had to have five losing streaks, you could end up having lost $80 over those five hands.

betting amount in blackjack

How much you should bet

How much you bet in blackjack is completely up to you and what your bankroll can afford. Not all players can afford to play at high-limit tables. This is why it is important that before you choose your blackjack table, you check what the minimum wagering amount is there. The last thing you want is just to sit at a table with a minimum betting amount which you can’t afford. Or you can only afford to play five hands or so.

The Kelly Criterion suggested that to minimize your probability of going broke. You should bet more when your edge is higher. This will ultimately help you win more often. So, knowing what level of game you’re comfortable with is a huge step in deciding how much you would like to bet at a blackjack table. Also, the more you bet, the more aggressive you will be in your gameplay. The aggressive betting range allows you to win more money in the long run.

Play Blackjack Online

To try out which betting style works best for you in blackjack, try our free blackjack games. There are plenty of casino sites that offer blackjack for fun. These games allow you to try our strategies and various betting systems until you find one that works best for you. We have handpicked the best online casinos that offer blackjack below.


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