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Is Online Poker Harder Than Live?

Yes, online poker is harder than live poker games. In fact, it is the other way around. Both games offer player easier access to the game from the comfort of their homes. While the gameplay, basics and experience in both games, few differences can prove challenging.

With that both games, you can bluff, bet and get bad beats. The flush will still beat a straight, and you need to understand the game will in order to win. We take you through the differences that imply that online poker is harder than live poker.

Online Poker Harder Than Live Poker

Reasons Why Online Poker Is Harder Than Live Poker

In order to understand why online poker is harder than the live version, you have to understand the game. Many of the differences between the games are easier to understand if you have tried your hand at both games. Below are some of the top reasons why some players have online poker harder than live poker.

1.     Game speed

Online poker is fast-paced game, whereas, with live poker, the game is played at the dealers pace. It can get tedious for online poker player to play live poker as it is slower. The internet version is automated, which speeds up the game. The cards are shuffled and dealt automatically, allowing you to play more hands than you would with live games.

2.     Availability of games

The best part about playing online is that there is also always a game to play. You won’t have to wait for a table to clear before you can play. You can play internet poker games 247 the same goes for live poker games, but you will find that with tables, it is harder to find a eat at peak time, similar to land-based casinos.

3.     Minimal social interaction

Some players play poker to interact with other players, and online poker does not afford players that opportunity. There is zero social factor when playing online poker, making it less entertaining than live poker games.

4.     Variety of casino games

If you are an indecisive poker player playing internet games will be harder than the live version. Online poker offers a wide selection of games. From Razz, Omaha, Texas holder to five-card draw, seven-card poker and more. Choosing a game to enjoy can take a while. With live poker, the gaming options are limited.

5.     Multi-table options

Lastly, playing at multi-table always seems like a good idea when trying to maximize your winnings. However, playing at multiple tables can make it harder to concentrate and make the most out of each game. Online poker allows you to play at multi-tables simultaneously, whereas it is rare to find casinos that offer multiple table play.

Differences That Make Online Poker Harder Than Live

Here is a table that shares the most common difference that make online poker harder than live poker.

Online pokerLive poker
Harder competitionEasier games on average
More aggressive flairsLoose-passive gameplay from players
Higher varianceShort-term variance and tighter hand range
Extra pre-flop playAdditional limps & post-flop play
Fast-paced with more variationsSlower action with physical tells and table image


Is Switching From Online Poker To Live Poker Hard

It can be quite challenge to switch from online to the live variation of the game. With online poker, it is you and the computer; therefore, the speed, aggression and variance are all up to you. Whereas with live poker, you are up against other players, and the poker tells come into play. You will have to take note of things such as the check-raise, eye movements, breathing, hand movements etc.

All in all, it will depend on your gameplay and what you prefer. If you want the real casino setting, then live poker is great. Of course, alternation between the two may require some adjusting. We recommend using online poker game to practice the gameplay and as a foundation to playing game.

If you have a hang of how the game works, you will do great at live poker, which is slower and less aggressive.

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