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Top 10 Gambling Movies to Watch

Gambling is an interesting and risky type of entertainment that has made it into several movies. Of course, the world of gambling has birthed some of the best gambling movies that you have to watch. We can’t promise that you will uncover some top gambling secrets or money-making strategies, but you will be entertained. You will find scenes from dingy,  smoke-filled casinos, a look at gambling addiction, the life of dealers, and so much more. Without wasting any more time, grab your bowl of popcorn and get ready for a monied movie night.

Gambling Movies to Watch

10 Best Gambling Movies

We have handpicked the 10 best gambling movies every player has to watch. The best part is that most of these movies are available on Netflix. Call all your mates and make it a gambling movie fest.

1.     Bugsy

Based on the book “We Only Kill Each Other”, Bugsy is a drama-filled movie about Bugsy Siegel. The movie is about a criminal and his love for  actress Virginia Hill. We are taken through Siegel’s as he fights to control gambling dens, eventually dreaming of having a hotel and casino in Nevada. The Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel Casino was built because of this desire. Spoiler alert, Siegal may get killed before his goal becomes a reality.

2.     21

All blackjack lovers, this movie is for you. 21 is a movie based on the story of the MIT Blackjack Team, which is true, which beat the house for nearly a decade. The plot involves a few students guided by their professor into effectively cheating their way to a blackjack fortune at casinos in Las Vegas. This movie tracks the players’ ascent to prosperity and spiralling demise on the land-based casino floors.

3.     Molly’s Game

Molly’s Game is based on the story of Molly Bloom, a former champion skier who turns to jobs after a catastrophic accident, turning her attention to the world of underground poker. Molly takes us through this illegal but incredibly addictive  and lucrative environment. She rises to become the queen of high-stakes game organizing. In this thriller movie, you can feel Molly’s rush, and you meet some very heartbreaking individuals, like Bill Camp’s hapless gambler, in this thriller movie.

4.     Rounders

Rounders is a movie about poker games but not just any poker game. It is based on high-stakes underground games.  A “rounder” is someone who goes about hunting for high-stakes card games. Two friends enter the underground poker world for high-stakes games to pay off a large debt. The list keeps expanding, and the tally gets bigger. They play a gangster in the epic playoff, win everything, and pay off all debts. He eventually went to the World Series of Poker.

5.     Croupier

The strange aspects of the casino world are depicted in this unique 1998 masterpiece. The novel’s protagonist begins to notice connections between life and a casino game. Rather than attempting to forecast the outcome of events and the people’s behaviour, there’s a good probability that chance will get in the way of living life.

6.     The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid is based on the life of Eric Stoner, a brilliant poker player in the 1930s. He wants to build a reputation for himself at the poker table. He takes on the greats from different parts of the South, and he meets a variety of people and fates along the route. While it maydetract from the gambling aspect, The Cincinnati Kid’s poker skills demonstrate the opposite. Who knows, poker players can pick up a trick or two.

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7.     The Color Of Money

While there are no actual gambling games depicted in The Color of Money, it does depict the habit of betting on pool duels. “Fast Eddy,” an old expert and his student Vincent set out to rob people across the country using their hustling skills. The film depicts the true value of a game. We are enthralled with the game’s action, skill, and thrill  rather than the money being made. And honestly, this is what gambling is mostly about and what its inspirational powers are all about.

8.     Casino

This spectacular crime movie is based on the true story of Sam Rothstein, who was tasked with running a Las Vegas casino. In a Las Vegas casino, we follow numerous high-rollers at a casino. This movie isn’t about following bettors, and we get to look at how a casino functions.

9.     Casino Royale

Casino Royale is one of the installments in the world-famous James Bond franchise. The film begins with Bond achieving his ‘double-0’ status and gradually builds tension until the closing moments of the illegal high-stakes poker game at Le Casino Royale. Bond must defeat a private banker, Le Chiffre’s backing terrorists, in a high-stakes poker game at Casino Royale, Montenegro. After attaining 00 status and a permit to kill, James Bond sets off on his mission as 007.

10.  Mississippi Grind

Gerry, an addict, teams up with Curtis, a stranger he regards as a lucky charm and takes him on a trip to win large money when he is down on his luck and facing financial difficulties. He’s down on his luck and in financial trouble. This 2015 poker movie is rated among the most brilliant movies in the gambling genre. Unlike most others about gambling, this film is not about the casino. It follows two friends  travelling along the Mississippi River, playing poker. Their eventual goal? In New Orleans, there is a high-roller poker game.


There are numerous additional gambling movies that you can watch. However, these must be at the top of the list. They have some outstanding actors and actresses , and the storylines aren’t hard to accept. The finest thing is that they delight gamers while exposing  them to the world of gambling. If you want to try your luck at casino games, be sure you do so in a licensed casino. There’s no need to be concerned; this is one of the best online casinos.

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