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What Are the Sayings in Bingo?

If you enjoy a simple casino game once in a while then bingo is your game. However, if you don’t play the game often you will not be familiar with the sayings in bingo. Bingo lingo is used for calling out specific numbers. Depending on where you are playing bingo these sayings may differ.

There are many obscure bingo lingo terms with some being funny, rhyming and others reminding you of things your grandmother used to say.  Most of the bingo lingo stems from the mid-20th century in London where these sayings were used to pass secret messages. Now they are some of the sweetest bingo sayings.

Sayings in Bingo

We share the most used 60 sayings in bingo with you below:

  1. Kelly’’s Eye
  2. Me and you, One little duck or Kelly’s Cousin
  3. Goodness me, Cup of tea or a flea
  4. Knock on the door
  5. Man Alive or one little snack
  6. Spot below, Chopsticks or Tom Mix
  7. Luck number seven
  8. Harry Tate, One fat lady or Garden gate
  9. Doctor’s orders
  10. Johnson’s Den, Blind 10, or Cock ‘n’ Hen’
  11. Legs Eleven
  12. A monkey’s cousin or one dozen
  13. Unlucky for some
  14. Valetine’s day or lawnmower
  15. Young and Keen
  16. Never been kissed or Sweet Sixteen
  17. Old Ireland or Dancing queen
  18. Coming of age
  19. Goodbye-teens
  20. One score or Blind 20
  21. Royal Salute or Key to the door
  22. Two little ducks, All the Twos or PC Parker
  23. A duck to a flea or thee and mee
  24. Two dozen
  25. Duck and dive
  26. Bead and Breakfast or Pick ‘n Mix
  27. Gate way to Heaven
  28. In a state or Over Weight
  29. Rise and Shine
  30. Dirty Gertie, Speed limit or Blind 30
  31. Get up and run
  32. Buckle my shoe
  33. Dirty Knee, Fishy chips and peas or All threes
  34. Ask for more
  35. Jump and Jive
  36. Three Dozen
  37. More than eleven
  38. Christmas Cake
  39. Jack Benny or Steps
  40. Naughty 40, Blind 40 or Life Begins
  41. Life’s Begun, or Time for fun
  42. Winnie the pooh
  43. Down on your knee
  44. All the Fours
  45. Cowboy’s friend or Halfway there
  46. Up to tricks
  47. Four and seven
  48. Four Dozen
  49. Nick-Nick, or Copper
bingo lingo
  1. Half a century or Blind 50
  2. The Highland Dive or Tweak the thumb
  3. Deck of cards or weeks of the year
  4. The Welsh Div or Stuck in a tree
  5. Clean the floor
  6. Snakes alive
  7. Was she worth it?
  8. Heinz Varieties
  9. Choo Choo Thomas or Make Them Wait,
  10. Brighton Line
  11. Five Dozen, Blind 60, or Grandma’s Getting Frisky
  12. Bakers Bun
  13. Turn the screw or Tickety-boo
  14. Tickle me 63
  15. Almost retired or Red raw
  16. Old age pension
  17. Clickety click
  18. Stairway to heaven or The Argumentative Number
  19. Saving Grace or Pick a Mate
  20. Favorite of mine or Meal for two
  21. Three score and ten or Blind 70
  22. Bang on the drum
  23. Six dozen or par the course
  24. Queen bee
  25. Hit the floor or Candy Store
  26. Strive and strive
  27. Trombones
  28. All the sevens or Sunset strip
  29. 39 more steps
  30. One more time
  31. Blind 80, Eight and blank or Ate Nothing
  32. Fat Lady with a Walking Stick or Stop and run
  33. Straight on through
  34. Ethel’s Ear or Time for tea
  35. Seven dozen
  36. Staying alive
  37. Between the sticks
  38. Torquay in Devon
  39. All the eights or Two fat ladies
  40. Nearly there
  41. End of the line or Top of the shop

Final Thought

Most of this saying in bingo are rhymes or refer to something very similar. Not only would they liven up any bingo game, but you could phrase two to use in your everyday life. Now we see why bingo players have the sharpest tongues, it’s all these sayings. There you have it, the next time you play bingo at a bingo hall or live you will be able to catch on to the numbers being called quickly. Remember if you don’t yell ‘BINGO’ when you have a winning pattern, you won’t win a dime.

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