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Why is 11 Called Yo in Craps?

Yo is a type of bet found in the popular casino game, craps. And you’ll often hear the dealer or croupier call out yo (11) in an effort to differentiate between the 11 bet and a similar sounding bet for the number 7. So, it’s simply a way of differentiating between two bets that sound alike.

When you make a yo (11) bet, you are predicting that the next roll will result in a sum of eleven. The odds of this actually occurring is 17 to 1. If you do happen to win, you will receive a payout of 15:1 and the house edge for this particular bet is 11.11%

Craps yo (11) bet

Yo (11) Bet in Craps Online

There are various types of betting options when you play craps online. The types of bets can be categorized into line bets, single roll bets and multi-roll bets. The yo (11) bet falls under the single roll bets category alongside other bets like:

  • Snake eyes (2)
  • Ace deuce (3)
  • Boxcars (12)
  • Hi-low (2 or 12)
  • The horn bet
  • On the hop
  • Field bet

Yo (11) Odds, Payouts and House Edge

Statistics show that the yo (11) bet is the second most frequent bet to actually come up. This makes it a hot number in the game. But, the fact that it holds a 11.11% house edge makes it an undesirable bet, more reserved for players who are feeling super lucky. With a house edge of over 11% you stand to lose more money in the long run. You will also lose money more often. The odds of winning are also quite high. However, the payout you stand to win is quite nice with $15 for $1 wagered. This is why a yo (11) bet is best left to players who are feeling confident and lucky.

The image that we’ve included above shows what a standard craps table looks like both at a land-based casino and online. Its also indicates where your casino chips will be placed when you make this bet.

Every bet seen on the table is strategically placed. The yo (11) bet is grouped with other hard to roll numbers that pose great payouts. Remember that because this is a single roll bet, you must achieve a 11 outcome with the very next roll. If you don’t, you will lose your bet.

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