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California Casino Defies Lockdown Regulations

Recently updated on May 22nd, 2020

California casino, The Towers Casino in Grass Valley has been ordered to shut its doors after reopening without permission from the relevant authorities. The casino resumed business on Monday but was quickly reprimanded on Tuesday. Every casino in the state of California was forced to close following instruction from government due to the rise of Coronavirus. Many US states have been in lockdown since.

Businesses that are Allowed to Resume

The California casino acted out of place when it opened its doors on Monday. Certain businesses within the state were given the option to open again but this did not include casinos. The Towers Casino in Grass Valley, CA included themselves voluntarily. The state has set out a phased reopening plan that consists of four phases; they are currently in phase two. This phase allows the reopening of dining outlets, child care facilities and shopping malls. These businesses are allowed to operate under strict rules and health regulations.

California Casino Closes

California Casino Expected to Open in Phase 3

In the plan that has been set out, casinos will only be allowed to reopen in phase three. It is not yet a definite when that is, but there’s speculation about a possible reopening in June this year. The California casino will only be allowed to resume then despite a tweet sent out by the organisation boasting otherwise. Online casinos are still in full operation though.

Some tribal casinos are exempt from this ruling because of their sovereignty from the state in which they operate.  This includes casinos like the Sycuan Casino Resort and the Viejas Casino and Resort. But, the governor did urge that these casinos still comply to the new health and safety regulations set out by health care professionals due to the pandemic. Tribal casinos responded well to the instruction having released statements outlining the protocols they have out in place to protect its customers and staff during this time.

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