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Casinos in California

There are a number of casinos in California offering several betting options to players. Online gambling is still currently illegal in the state; however, with casinos in over 50 cities, players don’t have to travel long distances to make bets. Players who would rather stay home and play a game of baccarat will have to do so at one of the regulated offshore gambling sites. The Golden State is one of the top five American states with the most legal casinos. Casinos in California with hotels are also considered some of the best casinos in America.

Casinos in California USASo, are you ready to pack your bags and visit Sacramento, Los Angeles or even Napa? You could spin some reels while sipping on some wine from Napa’s world-class wineries. Or, maybe you already live in California and are wondering if you can make your best six picks in the lottery while out in San Francisco Bay?

It is essential to check whether or not the city you are visiting has a casino and most importantly, the gambling laws in the state. The Native American casinos are mostly located in out of reach locations. From casinos in northern California to casinos in southern California, find the best casinos in California here!

Leading casino sites in California

BestUSACasinoSites First

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Gambling Laws in California

Land-based gambling, lottery, and charitable gambling are all allowed in the state of California. The gambling laws permit bingo, poker, table games whereby skill is required. Games such as roulette, craps, and twenty-one are illegal. There is no regulated casino gambling in the state. There are also no standardized online poker rooms. Players will find that there are several casinos in California with slot machines.

The minimum gambling age in the state of California is set at 18 or 21. Most casinos serve alcohol and to comply with the state-issued alcohol license, the Indian casinos in California have increased the gambling age from 18 to 21. Casino visitors under the age of 18 are only allowed in unrestricted areas of the property.

Offshore jurisdictions license Internet casinos in the state. Before you deposit money into the casino account ensure that casino displays which jurisdiction it falls under on the website. This is one of the ways players can ensure that the casino site they have picked to play is safe and regulated. There are currently no laws prohibiting players from playing at a casino in California

Gambling Legislation Timeline

Gambling in the 1800s

Unregulated games and wagers emerged in California during the Gold Rush. The California penal code outlaws several casino games.

Gambling in the 1900s

The 19th century saw the legalization of horseracing. Charitable bingo was approved by voters as well as the first state lottery. State cardroom regulations are passed to create gambling rooms in the state.

Gambling in the 2000s

California sees the legalization of poker fundraising nights and charitable raffles. Casino gambling on tribal land is legalized, and online horse racing betting outlets can start accepting bets. The call for the regulation and legalization of online poker legislation is not passed. Online poker and legalized sports betting are still being campaigned for.

Regulatory Bodies in California

The California Gambling Control Commission regulates the Golden State’s gambling. The commission acts as the regulatory body for card rooms, tribal casinos and gambling enterprises. The commissions set policies, regulations and issue gambling licences. The commission has jurisdiction over all 58 Indian casinos and 91 Cardrooms.

Horse racing and the lottery are under the Horse Racing board and State Lottery Commission. The Bureau of Gambling Control deals with all the criminal background investigations audits and has special jurisdiction over gambling activities in the state.

The California Council on Problem Gambling helps California based players who have issues with gambling. The council also aims to improve the lives of those addicted to gambling.

Gambling in California

Types of Casinos in California

Indian Casinos in California are the only types of casinos in the state. All Indian casinos offer slot machines and a few card games. As we mentioned, games such as craps and roulette are not permitted. A few casino resorts in the state have modified the games so that it is possible to play them with cards. Should you come across roulette or craps at an Indian casino in California, it will be played differently than at other casinos in America.

Players looking for casinos in California with hotels will have to choose Indian casinos in southern California. Southern California has a large number of casinos, which are located in easy to access places. The casinos are open 24 hours a day.

Apart from the Indian Casinos in the state, there are also about 90 card rooms in the state. Several card rooms offer a modified blackjack game, which is played with a max score of 22 rather than 21. Players are required to pay the house a commission, which is set by the card room. The commission is paid for every game played.

California’s Best Native American Casinos

California does not fall short on fantastic casinos to visit. Finding the perfect casino can get overwhelming. To narrow down the search, here are the top five casinos in California offering the best casino game:s

  1. San Manuel Casino: The Native American casino is the largest and best casino in southern California. The casino is currently sitting on 300 000 square feet. San Manuel has over 4000 gaming machines and table games. There are six eateries, and some of the other features include a poker room and hotel. Address: 777 San Manuel Boulevard, Highland, California.
  2. Thunder Valley Station Casino: The second biggest casino in the state is Thunder Valley. The casino has over 300 casino games, five restaurants, a spa, a bar and a golf club. Address: 1200 Athens Avenue, Lincoln, California.
  3. Harrah’s Resort Southern California: located in one of the sunniest city’s, Harrah’s has several amenities, seven restaurants’, and over a thousand casino games. Address: Harrah’s SoCal, 777 Harrah’s Rincon Way Valley Center, California.
  4. Cache Creek Casino Resort: The perfect place to spend your summer days and nights with over 200 casino games and poker tables included, amenities open 24/7 and a wide variety of restaurants. Address: 14455 CA-16, Brooks, California.
  5. Pechanga Resort & Casino: if you are looking for a fun-filled holiday resort, Pechanga Casino is perfect. Over 4000 casino games, a gorgeous poker room, and ten restaurants. Address: 45000 Pechanga Parkway, Temecula, California.

California Casinos Stats

Casinos in California are spread across the state and visiting players won’t have any issues finding casinos to play a good game of blackjack. Visitors can find both Native American Casinos and poker rooms. Los Angeles is the city with the most casinos with a whopping nine casinos.

Number of regulated casinos175
Number of Table Games3454
Number of Slots89830
Number of Poker Tables1273
Number of Sportbooks0


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