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Gambling Casinos in Vermont USA

Unfortunately, no, there are no casinos in Vermont. However, it is surrounded by states that allow legal gambling. Known for its maple syrup, thick forest and tourist attractions Vermont is a gambling-free state.

Casinos-in-VermontThe Green Mountain State residents, including visitors, will have to travel to neighboring states to gamble. The nearly non-existent gambling industry has made provision for a few gambling forms.

Not nearly as upmarket as top gambling states or as extravagant, Vermont’s gambling revenue is well over 100 million annually. The gambling laws are strict and have imposed fines and imprisonment for specific gambling engagements. Gamblers in Vermont have to be aware of the laws, legal casino gambling options as well as internet casinos.

Read our guide for all the insights of casinos in Vermont, USA.

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Vermont Casino Locations

The state has clearly stated that casino games are illegal. These statutes make it impossible to have land-based casinos in Vermont. There are also no Indian casinos in Vermont as the state does not have any native American tribes federally recognized. The four tribes in the states are not entitled to the rights granted by the Indian gaming regulatory act.

Sports betting is not legal in the state including at land-based venues and online. However, there are other forms of gambling that Vermont residents can take part in. This includes the state lottery and charity bingo.

Gambling Laws in Vermont

One of the legal gambling forms in Vermont is the state lottery. Players will not be able to place legal wagers at roulette tables or spin the reels on slot machines. The minimum age is 18 and above to take part in the lottery.

Charitable gambling is also allowed in the state; however, only under strict restrictions. The games will be referred to as legal charity games when proceeds go to charity. The state has made an exception for charity bingo allowing for small prizes to be handed out.

Pari-mutuel betting was legal in the American state for a while when done at licensed race tracks. Over the years the racing industry has died down. There are no longer any racetracks operating in the state for track betting.

The closest the state has gotten to gambling is electronic state lottery terminals. The slot-like machines were declared illegal by lawmakers and therefore removed from 25 locations in the state.

History of Gambling in Vermont

Between the 1700 and 1800s lawmakers in Vermont outlawed the lottery. The legislature then granted unique liberty to 42 lottery programs. The programs had to make sure that the funds be used where the tax failed to cover the cost. The general assembly then banned the sale of lottery tickets in the state.

Pari-mutuel betting was legalized following a referendum sanctioning Act 259. The horse racing industry opened to the public in 1963. In 1976 a voter’s referendum legalized the state lottery and charity gambling was approved. The lottery profits were diverted to the state’s education fund after a policy was enacted by the state.

Lawmakers rejected a federal recognition application and planned to build a state casino between 2007 and 2011. A commission was put together in 2012 as a consideration of selling lottery tickets online. Between 2016 and 2017 lawmakers had an ongoing attempt to legalize daily fantasy sports.

Gambling in Vermont

Vermont Regulatory Bodies

Gambling in the state is regulated by the Vermont Lottery Commission as well as the Vermont Racing commission.

The Vermont Lottery Commission has to ensure that the lottery produces revenue compatible with the state’s dignity. It also ensures that the lottery revenue also contributes to the Education Fund. The commission controls ten lottery games by providing fair games.

The pari-mutuel industry is regulated by the Vermont racing commission. The board provides licensing, establishment, and control of the industry. The three-member commission is under the Governor’s office.

Casino in Vermont Stats

Vermont does not have any regulated casinos and most gambling forms are regarded as illegal. There are also no poker rooms in the state.

The lottery is legal in Vermont and is the popular gambling option. There are hundreds of locations where players can buy their tickets for Mega Millions and other games. Residents can gamble online in Vermont since it not prohibited.

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