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Casinos in Alaska

Planning a getaway to Alaska should not be based on the casinos in Alaska. Known as the largest state in the US and popular for its gorgeous views and great outdoors. Gambling in Alaska is not big and when Casinos in Alaska USAone speaks about Alaska casinos, they are not at the top of the list. Tourists can enjoy activities such as whale watching, cruising, fishing and sightseeing. The state is remote, and the lack of connectivity in parts of the sates is part reason why gambling isn’t big in Alaska.

Alaska does not have any casinos. However, the tribally operated establishments regard themselves as casinos. Only offering basic games and doing away with gambling classics such as roulette, blackjack and poker. Alaska is in no rush to legalize gambling. If you are looking to find a Vegas-like casino is Alaska, you won’t. There are no flashing lights or Elvis parsley impersonators. The best gambling casinos in Alaska USA are of medium-scale and have a laid-back approach fit for the low-key state that Alaska is.

Best Casinos Site in Alaska

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Gambling Laws in Alaska

Land-based casinos are illegal in Alaska, and the law extends to gambling on the internet. Tourists won’t be able to play online poker or find any sportsbooks in Alaska. The gambling laws in Alaska are incredibly restrictive. Although online gambling is ‘illegal’ there is no specific law that bans players from betting online.

Bets can, however, be on unusual events such as the temperature, the coldest day in Delta Junction or when the first goose will fly into Fairbanks. Gambling is restricted to charities such as pull tabs, bingo and raffles.

Gambling Legislation Timeline

Gambling the 1900s

The gambling legislation began in 1987 when pull-tab games were legalized. The 1900s also saw the failure of legalizing gambling and creating an official gaming commission. The state of Alaska then went ahead and banned card, wheel and dice games following the national Indian Gaming Commissions (NIGC) order to build a casino on tribal land.

The NIGC then went ahead and opened two bingo halls. The only other legal gambling Alaskans could take part in was on a cruise ship. The state earned more than $500 000 from the operation, but the law was never renewed.

Gambling the 2000s

Alaskans to poll again almost 30 years later for the legalization of gambling only for the vote to reject the legislation. In 2003 the public was also in favour of the creation of a state lottery only for the conception of the lottery to be rejected.

Regulatory Bodies in Alaska

Alaska falls under the National Indian Gaming Commission. The state takes gambling extremely seriously, and the lack of casinos or internet casinos has stopped the state from having a measure in place for players who do gamble. Alaska Gambling Anonymous offers support groups, support forums and self-help services.

Best Land Based Casinos in Alaska

Alaska does not have any casinos apart from its ten pari-mutuel facilities. The biggest gaming facility is the MIC Gaming Hall in Metlakatla. The facility has 90 gaming machines which are all bingo machines with a slot like display. The ten facilities are spread across nine cities in Alaska.

The Royal Caribbean International is a cruise ship in Alaska where players can play their favourite casino games. The cruise ship has multiple destinations as the gambling happens in international waters

State Casino Stats

There may not be any brick and mortar casinos in Alaska, however, gambling in the state is not completely lost. See the states gambling statistics for all there is to know about gambling in Alaska

Number of 10 pari-mutuel facilities10
Number of Table Games0
Number of Slots92
Number of Poker Tables0
Number of Sportbooks0


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