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US Player Accepting High Roller Online Casinos

It seems as though almost every US online casino today is a High Roller casino in one way or another. Most online casinos now cater for high rollers in a number of different ways, and of course, they accept huge deposits and allow really high wagers.

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Best US High Roller Online Casinos for June 2018

The below listing is our June 2018 best US high roller online casinos picks. All of these online casinos accept US players from all States and provide exceptional service, customer support, bonuses and more.

Benefits of High Roller Gambling

One of the major benefits for high rollers at online casinos is that you will often get the very best treatment. Sometimes you need to contact a casino to tell them that you will be spending large sums of money at the casino, but others will take notice straight away as soon as you make a large deposit. Your deposit and withdrawal limits will be much larger than a low roller, you generally have access to a personal accounts manager and you will have your own personal support line which can put you in touch immediately with a member of staff without having to wait in a queue. You will also start at a much higher VIP level than most low rollers would ever start at, but remember to play regularly in the real money mode to retain your current high roller status.

In addition to higher deposit/spending/withdrawal limits, you will also find that some online casinos offer bigger and better bonuses for high rollers and you will often be invited to exclusive real world events. You can earn more comp points per dollar wagered at any high roller casino and you can enjoy lots of other great perks & benefits. You can find out more about these benefits before signing up by heading to the Loyalty/VIP section of a casino, or you can contact the casino’s customer support and they will be happy to tell you about some of the great things you can look forward to as a high roller at their casino.

Pitfalls of High Roller Gambling

The worst thing about being a high roller in an online casino is that you can often lose huge chunks of money in just one click of the mouse, but this is the risk when playing at any level. It can be really tempting to just keep topping up your account if you have lots of money to spare, so perhaps the best thing to do when playing at an online casino would be to set yourself daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits. You could also set session time limits or spending limits to help you better control how you manage your bankroll. Every US online casino has this feature where you can set your own personal limits. If you can’t find it, contact the support at the casino and ask them to help you set these limits for you.

Although you can receive some great benefits as a high roller, one of the main pitfalls is that you can never actually physically enjoy your perks like you could at a real land based casino. For example some land based casinos offer you the best rooms to stay in with free-flowing champagne, massages, the best food etc. This is something that you simply cannot take advantage of when sitting at your desk and playing over the internet. You basically can’t enjoy the sights, smells and sounds that you can in a real life casino when playing online and the experience of playing online can also often be a lonely one.