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Baccarat Tips

September 5, 2013

Created from the game known as punto banco, Baccarat is considered a mysterious game to the majority of the betting public. The game, however, despite its mystery is quite popular in casinos, especially American ones. Baccarat is a French spelling for the Italian word known as baccara, which means zero. It signifies the point values of face cards. The game of Baccarat can be traced back to the 1940s.

Baccarat was first implemented in Las Vegas around 1959. The game has since flourished as being a combination of skill and strategy. Baccarat has often been said to come closer than other casino games such as Craps and Roulette in offering the customer an even break as the house's edge is about 1.17 percent for a bet on the head of the banker and about 1.36 on a wager on the player's hand. Some casino enthusiasts say that Baccarat does not really have any tips or strategies that can be implemented but there are a few items that a casino player should be aware of when they are playing.

1. It is important to always bet on the banker. The house advantage on this particular bet is one of the lowest when compared to the other two bets that can be placed. Even though the commission is taken out of the winnings, the casino player still has a significant chance of coming out ahead if they stick to betting on the banker.

2. Keep note of the outcomes. Understanding what has taken place in the game of Baccarat is important. While there are no guarantees in any casino game, keeping track of the outcomes is important as it keeps you involved in the game and ensures that you are following any kind of winning streaks other casino players may be having.

3. Check the casino. Look for online casinos where the house charges significantly less. The standard commission charge for most casinos is 5%, but there may be some online casinos where the house charges less than this. If the casino player looks around, they may find online casinos that pay commissions as low as 4% or even lower than that.

4. Know when to call it quits. Gambling is frequently stated to be a risky business, one based on luck. The game of Baccarat is a game of fortune and chance. It is important to place and wager accordingly and allow lady luck to give you your winnings. If lady luck happens to desert you, it is essential to know when to call it quits and do not get tempted to play more money than you initially intended to.

5. Avoid a tie bet. If you have about $50 on a wager between a banker and player tie, it is important to know that this is one seriously bad bet to make. The house edge for this bet is over 14% for a standard eight deck shoe. It is recommended by casino enthusiasts to avoid this bet at all costs.