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Guide to Betting in Craps

August 6, 2013

There are many betting strategies that one should consider when playing craps. Craps is a type of dice game where casino players make bets on the particular outcome of the roll of the dice. Casino players are permitted to wager money against other player or the craps bank. When betting on a craps game in a casino, either online or off, it is generally considered that all bets have the advantage of the house. Essentially, this means that mathematics suggests that the casino player will more than likely lose either all of his/her money to the casino in the long run or in the short run, the casino player is more likely to lose money than make it. Casino players may be lucky and have the opportunity to get ahead for a certain allotment of time, however, over the course of the long run, any kind of winning streak begins to subside. In pass or don't pass bets, come or don't come bets, place 6 or place 8 bets, as well as buy 4 and buy 10 bets, the house has the lowest advantage. Therefore, these are the optimal bets to play. All other bets in the online casino usually lose money anywhere between 3 and 12 times faster due to the house edge differences. The place bets as well as the buy bets tend to differ from the come and pass line bets. They differ because in that place bets and buy bets can be taken away at any time given they are known as multiple roll bets. The odds of winning, though, do not change from the roll of dice. With pass line and com bets because of the different odds combinations on the first and subsequent rolls, these bets are enforced to remain in place.

The first roll of a pass line bet is mathematically considered to be a 2 to 1 advantage for the player (i.e. 8 wins to 4 losses), however, it is paid for under this bet by the subsequent rolls that occur. These subsequent bets are at the same player disadvantage as the don't pass line bets are at a benefit. As such the bet cannot be taken down following the first roll because there is no profit for the casino at that point. It is important to note that if it did not make it hard to track what the first bet was, then the casino would gladly allow casino players to increase their pass and come bets following the come out roll. On the flipside, you can take back certain bets but it is not suggested. An important alternative metric is known as the house advantage per roll. The pace of these rolls tends to vary based on the amount of players but it is by and large considered to be 102 rolls per hour which equates to close to a full craps table. It is essential to try and learn the optimum strategies for playing craps prior to playing some of the harder and more complicated bets. If you are just beginning to start to play the game of craps, it is best to stick with easier bets.