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What Are Wild Symbols?

April 14, 2014

One of the many features of online slots games is the wild symbol. Casino players tend to look and assess whether they will play an online slots game if it has a wild symbol. But what is a wild symbol exactly? A wild symbol can take on a variety of forms. The wild symbol tends to have a certain aspect to it of substituting for other symbols in the slots game. Casino players often have the chance to experience the engaging dynamics of the wild symbol when they appear in a slots game. Wild symbols are generally found in almost every type of online slots games. From 3 reels to 5 reels, classic slots to progressives, casino players will find it hard not to see a slots game that does not have a wild symbol.

It is exceptional when casino players find wild symbols in online slots games. Why? Because they provide winning opportunities that are often not available any other way. Everything from doubling and tripling to quadrupling coins collected, wild symbols provide a depth excitement otherwise not afforded casino players in regular gameplay. While wild symbols provide a depth other areas of the slots games do not, they are not necessarily the best in terms of a game's features, just nice to haves.

Some online slots games have what are referred to as expanding wilds, stacked wilds and trailing wilds. Stacked wilds tend to become group on the reels. Expanding wilds are very similar in concept with an individual wild symbol showing up on the reels and subsequently expanding to cover all of the positions within that reel. This results in a winning payout for the casino player. Trailing wilds are wilds that clone themselves after a spin thereby providing even more winning possibilities for the casino player.

It is recommended by casino enthusiasts that all casino players look for slots games that have wild symbols, because there are many that do not have them. Searching for online games that have wild symbols is not a difficult task and most, if not all online casinos have slots games that allow for some impressive wins for casino players. Wild symbols also come in a variety of forms and because of this create a wonderful gambling experience online that is full of engagement, thrills and excitement. It is suggested that casino players also look for online slots games that have one of the aforementioned wild types. Stacked wilds tend to appear most frequently in online slots games that are featured at popular online casinos. Very few online slots games have trailing wilds and expanding wilds when compared to stacked wilds. Online casino software manufacturers tend to create many games that have wild symbols. It is very rare when casino players find an online casino game that has both the regular wild symbol and one of the other types of wild symbols as that undoubtedly puts a smile on the casino players' face because they have a significant chance of winning and winning big.