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Is it possible to secure decent wins at an online casino with a budget of just $20? Well, lets find out. We’ve asked some of our inhouse gamblers to jot down a few of their budget friendly gambling tips. These tips are great for players who simply want to have some fun. But its also targeted at players with a minimal bankroll but hopes of winning some money in return.

Top 5 Tips for Gambling On A Budget

If you only have $20 at your disposal then you want to use it sparingly, so that it carries you through as many rounds as possible. To do this, you must be selective about the games you play, and pay particular attention to how much you wager per round.

Now, we’ll have you know that $20 is not a lot of money when you’re gambling. But don’t let this discourage you from playing because there have been many other players in the past who have managed to win big with way less. Here are some of our tips to help you make the most out of your money while gambling.

  1. Play Cost Efficient Games

Sadly, with only $20 to your name, you can’t expect to be living it large at baccarat or poker tables. You have to play casino games that have low betting limits, but offer the chance to win big payouts.

Games like progressive jackpot slots and lottery style games are great picks. Progressive jackpot slots are sent from above because they have betting limits that can get as low as $0.01, while still putting you in the running to receive a progressive jackpot worth thousands of dollars, possibly even millions! Your $20 will go a long way here.

Lottery games are great too for obvious reasons. The payouts are large, and it’s a fairly simply game to play. All you have to do is choose the right numbers and hope for the best. The average lottery ticket shouldn’t cost you more than a few dollars which is nothing compared to how much you stand to win should you be so lucky.

Win With $20 Bill

  1. Pace Yourself

Remember, you are running on a budget of $20 so you need to pace yourself. Spending it all in one go will not give you the outcome that you are hoping for. Instead, test the waters by playing a few rounds and if based on the results you realise that it’s not your day – leave the game and start fresh tomorrow. Not everyday will be your lucky day, so its okay to wait until luck is on your side to strike.

  1. Place Small Wagers

Again, you don’t have a lot of money to play with, so making big bets won’t get you far. You need to make the smallest possible wager while still meeting the minimum requirement. This will allow you to make your money go further.

  1. Consider the RTP

Casino games come with an RTP or house edge embedded no matter what game you play. This basically refers to the house advantage that the casino has over you as player. This is how they ensure that they make a profit out of you whether you win or lose. By paying attention to this percentage you will be able to compare the values between games or casinos and may then choose to play at a casino that offers the best “deal”. Slot machines with an RTP percentage of 97% and higher offers you the best return on investment while games with a house edge of under 5% is the safest pick.

  1. Bonuses and Promos

Lastly, you should always take advantage of the bonuses and promotions that casinos offer. If you are prepared to deposit your $20 bill this makes you a real money player, and therefore you become eligible for the bonuses and rewards available at the casino.

Bonuses really help boost your bankroll because its essentially free money given to you to use on select or all casino games at the casino. It’ll be a waste to not take advantage of these. By claiming your welcome and deposit bonuses your $20 bill will grow exponentially.