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Online Poker

Is Online Poker Legal in California?

is online poker legal in california

Online poker is not explicitly legal in California, but nor is it illegal. There are no laws regulating online gambling at all in the Golden State, which allows offshore real money online casinos to operate in the area. It is a bit weird that the state hasn’t referenced legalizing online poker yet. In California, poker […]

Can Online Poker Be Rigged?

online poker is rigged

Yes, online poker can be rigged. It would be stupid to think that online casino operators cannot rig games. That stated, this doesn’t mean that every poker game you play on the internet is rigged. In fact, if you sign up at one of our casinos, you will never play a rigged game. There are […]

Can I Play Poker Online with My Friends?

can i play play poker online with friends

Many players want to know how they can play poker online with my friends. To do this, you will need to create a virtual home poker game. It takes a few minutes to organize a platform where you and your mates can have loads of fun. You have some options to select from when you […]