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Types of Gamblers Found Online

With all the different casino games and modes of play, it only makes sense that there are different types of gamblers. Online gambling is becoming extremely popular, and like land-based casinos, there are different types of players found at casinos. Most players categorize themselves according to the games they enjoy playing and others by their betting size.

Whether you enjoy real money games, are an avid bonus hunter or want an elite gambling experience, you now fall under a type of gambling group. We share the seven most common types of gamblers that you can find online or a group that you fall under.

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7 Most Popular Types of Gamblers

There is no denying that everyone who makes their way to a web-based casino is unique. Some players are simply looking for thrills and excitement; others seek exclusive bonuses or chances to reach the jackpot. Check out all of the different personalities you can find at real money casino sites if you want to figure out what types of gamblers you and your friends are.

1.     Slot Machine Lover

We all know how fun slots are, and almost every gambler has tried playing slots. While not all players will enjoy the game, plenty of players are avid slots players. Online slots players enjoy the carefreeness of the game and love spending their time spinning the reels and chasing progressive jackpots. Some will research the best-paying slot machines or casinos offering rewarding players with slot bonuses. The best part is that casinos often give free spins on popular slots or new games.

2.     The Dreamer

There is a type of gambler that turns to online gaming to try and forget their realities. They fully submerge themselves into a game and only concentrate on what is happening on the casino tables. These players try and escape from the pressures of their own life by releasing all their emotions into a game to try and feel calmer and stressless. We are not saying that there are emotional players; however, they use the game to escape their everyday life. Unlike the emotional players, the dreamer is aware of their bankroll and can stay within your budget.

3.     The Professional Player

Pro gamblers use internet gambling as a way of making a living. They consider themselves experts in a particular game and prefer to make money by playing skill-based games. You will find these players in poker or blackjack.  They’ll most certainly be playing live dealer games with their expertise and competence. They have mastered playing casino games without basing their gameplay or decision-making on their emotions. Also, Professional gamers are the type of gamblers that take hours figuring out new strategies and ways to perfect their gameplay so they can walk away with more cash in their bankroll.

4.     The Social Gambler

While pro gamblers regard playing at casinos as their job, social gamblers try to have fun. These types of gamblers enjoy socializing with other players and having fun. Sure, they are hoping that they will win, but that isn’t their only focus. Social gamblers enjoy visiting bingo rooms or playing live dealer games to chat to other players and maybe make a friend or two.

5.     VIP Gamblers

VIP Players have one goal in mind, to climb the reward ladder to gain access to even more incentives and unique casino bonuses through online gaming. These types of gamblers take advantage of the casino promotions, make large deposits and frequently gamble to collect reward points. The casino will run a VIP program with several levels that these types of gamblers can climb by making big deposits and playing frequently.

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6.     Free Gamblers

Not all types of gamblers can afford to make real money all the time. Other players resort to free games as a form of entertainment. Free gamblers also resort to free games to eliminate risk. Luckily many casinos offer free or demo games to players. You can enjoy these games without making a deposit. This way, these types of gamblers can focus on enjoying the game rather than winning money.

7.     Bonus Hunter

The one thing that lures these types of gamble to a casino has to be the bonuses on offer. Some casinos offer outrageous bonuses, while others will offer the bare minimum. There is a group of players who only register accounts with casinos based on the type of bonuses they will get. For instance, an 8 part welcome bonus is far better than a once-off bonus. What is even more enticing is the reload bonuses, additional free spins, loyalty programs, game-specific bonuses etc. The bonus hunter looks for casinos that offer them value for money in terms of the type of bonuses and fair wagering requirements.

8.     Compulsive Players

It’s is time to look at your gameplay if you fall into this category. A compulsive types of gamblers will make decisions based on emotion, perhaps resulting in considerable financial loss. Despite playing at home, this sort of internet gambler is erratic and tends to lose their cool when gaming. To prevent getting into this category, it’s critical to practice responsible gaming. Some casinos offer a self-exclusion program which could be a great way to help compulsive types of gamblers behaviour.


We hope that you’ll now be able to answer the question, “What kind of gambler am I?” Being an online casino player, regardless of whatever group you belong to, maybe both entertaining and profitable. Remember to choose a legitimate casino site that suits your gaming personality, take advantage of bonuses, and hopefully win some jackpot rewards. We have handpicked the top casinos accepting US players on this website if you are eager to start playing.

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