What Does 4 Out Of 5 Numbers Pay in Keno?

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To calculate the potential payout for hitting 4 out of 5 numbers in Keno, consider the pay table for your specific game. The pay table outlines the payouts for various combinations of matches, ranging from 1 to 10 or more numbers.

For example, let’s say you placed a $1 wager and matched 4 out of 5 numbers. If the pay table indicates a payout of 50x for 4 matches, you will multiply your wager ($1) by the payout ratio (50x). In this case, your total payout would be $50.

Remember that payout rates can differ across different Keno games, and it’s essential to check the pay table or consult the casino’s rules for precise payout information.

Numbers Pay in Keno

Keno Payouts

The payouts in Keno depend on how many of the player’s selected numbers match the winning numbers. The more matches you have, the higher your payout will be. The specific payout rates can vary across casinos and online platforms, but we’ll provide you with a general overview of what to expect for 4 out of 5 number wins in the US.

In most Keno games, hitting 4 out of 5 numbers is a significant accomplishment. Typically, this level of success warrants a good payout. However, the exact amount can vary based on factors such as the total wager and the game variant being played. It’s important to note that Keno payouts are often presented as odds ratios or multiple of the wagered amount.

Understanding Keno

Before we explore the payout structure, let’s briefly review how Keno works. In a typical Keno game, players select numbers from a pool, usually from 1 to 80. The number of chosen numbers can vary depending on the casino or online platform you’re playing on.

Once the player has selected, a random number generator or ball machine draws a set of winning numbers. The objective is to match as many of your chosen numbers with the drawn numbers to win a prize.


In conclusion, hitting 4 out of 5 numbers in a game of Keno can lead to a significant payout for US players. While the specific payout amounts may vary depending on the game variant and casino you choose, the general concept remains the same. By understanding the pay table and calculating the odds, you can better assess the potential winnings for hitting 4 out of 5 numbers in Keno.

Remember to always review the rules and payout information before playing Keno to ensure you have a clear understanding of the game and its potential outcomes. Good luck, and may the Keno odds be in your favor!