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Why Are Players Under 18 Not Allowed to Gamble?

All over the world where gambling is permitted its most likely that you’ll find a gambling age restriction. This age restriction is usually embedded in the gambling laws of that particular country, and the laws often differ from country to country.

In most countries, though, the minimum gambling age to play casino games or to enjoy sports betting is 18 years, while more stricter countries have raised the minimum age to 21 years.

But why are minors not allowed to gamble, what harm does it bring to them and how do casinos handle cases were players under the age of 18 are caught gambling? Let’s find out.

Under 18 Gambling

Why Minors Are Not Allowed to Gamble

The primary reason why those younger than 18 years are not allowed to gamble is because they are not yet responsible enough to do so. Minors are still growing and learning to reason. They are more likely to be impulsive gamblers with poor judgement, reasoning and decision making. This kind of behaviour could spiral into something bigger in their adulthood which is why it must be prevented from the get-go.

If grown-ups sometimes struggle to deal with losses accrued while gambling and if they struggle to control themselves then how much worse would it be with a child? We forget that gambling can cause various psychological mishaps when not done responsibility, so it’s simply not safe for young children to participate.

How Casinos Handle Underage Cases

Online casinos have very thorough online verification processes that they follow to double check that every player who signs up at the casino meets the minimum age requirement. The process often includes players having to submit documentation that states date of birth and other indicators. Now, it can happen that underage players get ahold of an adults login credentials, or they may even submit fraudulent documents during the registration phrase. We can assure you though that they will not get away with it for long and the consequences can be harsh. In milder cases, your account may be immediately suspended, you may forfeit all winnings accrued and you may be permanently banned from playing at that casino ever again.

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