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The Parlay Betting System

Parlay Betting SystemThe parlay betting system is one of the most popular ways US players use when they want to win lots of money during a game session. It’s considered as a positive advanced betting system as players get to increase their bet-size after each win.

Most probably, one of the most attractive factors about the parlay betting system is the fact that gamblers have a chance to win massive cash when Lady Luck is on their side. However, gamblers mustn’t confuse the parlay betting strategy used when betting on sports and one that’s used when betting on casino games.

Read on below If you want to learn more about the parlay betting system. In our guide, we explain what parlay betting is and how the strategy works. We’ve also made it easier for you and listed the best parlay betting sites available in the US below. So, read on and learn more about the parlay betting system online.

Top Sites to test The Parlay Betting System

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Parlay Betting System Explained

When it comes to online casino gambling, as we previously mentioned, the parlay betting system is more of a positive, progressive approach that’s the total opposite of the Martingale betting system. With this strategy, gamblers have the opportunity to increase their wager each time they win a bet.  They also have the option to decrease their bet size when they lose. The main idea behind the parlay betting strategy is for players to use their winnings to make more bets if they’re lucky enough to go on a winning streak.

However, when it comes to sports betting, a parlay bet can be defined as a wager that combined several bets into one massive bet. For instance, this may include a player putting multiple spread bets and money line bets on one bet slip. Though parlay bets are hard to win, adding many different outcomes on a single betting slip decreases the punter’s odds, but increases their potential win. This is because their chances of genuinely winning are meager.

How the Parlay Betting System Works

The parlay betting system is relatively easy and straightforward to understand. Our expert team of gamblers has compiled an easy three-step guide to follow, and it’s as follows:

Setting a betting amount (betting unit): This refers to the player’s initial wager amount. Their first bet will always be ‘one unit.’

Alter your bet size based on the results: After placing your wager and the results have been determined, you then start playing your next bet. If you win the first round, it means you’ll double your betting units. If you lose, you’ll remain in one company.

Finally, set a Max-win Amount: We all that winning streaks won’t last forever, right? As a result, gamblers need to develop a maximum win limit before they start another round again.


The parlay betting system is one of the best strategies to use if you are hoping to win huge, either betting on sports or at a casino. Visit any of the top gambling websites we feature and get to check out the betting system yourself. You may never know – the odds might be in your favour!

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