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Sports Betting

All about Top 10 Celebrity Gamblers?

top celebrity gambler

A lot of famous gamblers share our enthusiasm for the Las Vegas Strip. There are some celebrity gamblers that have established a reputation for themselves in gambling, just like us normal gamblers. Although not all of them have had a pleasant gambling experience, some have won money betting. We examine the positive and negative aspects […]

Gambling Anime That Can’t Afford to Miss

gambling anime

Like gambling online, anime is becoming a huge hit in Western mainstream pop culture. Viewers of all ages are spending their time enjoying shows such as Naruto, Spirited Away, Pokémon and much more. While these are legendary anime titles, did you know that there is an entire niche of gambling anime that you can enjoy? […]

Is There A Secret to Sports Betting?

Perhaps the question being asked here is – is there a way to minimize your long-term losses, or at least break even on all losses over time when betting on sporting events. Professional sports bettors don’t always share their secrets to sports betting, and this is understandable. Sports betting is a very competitive industry and […]

What Does K.O Mean in Boxing?


K.O is an abbreviation for the word “knockout” and is most frequently used in sports like boxing, karate, kickboxing and MMA. In boxing specifically, a fighter losses or wins via knockout when the other player losses consciousness completely and is unable to get back up to defend him or herself. A waiting period of about […]

How Do I Bet on Xbet?

how do you deposit at xbet

Xbet is an online sportsbook and casino that launched in 2013. It is one of the more widely-known gambling sites in the United States because it offers a chance to wager on sports and casino games. Lots of US gamblers are interested in signing up at Xbet. After all, if you read our review, you […]

What is the Best App for Betting?

Betting Apps make betting on your favourite sports and other events super easy and convenient. Sports betting websites, online casinos, and sportsbooks have their own apps available which you can download if you prefer placing wagers through a betting app as opposed to on the site itself. We list some of the best betting apps […]