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Online Baccarat

Are There Any Professional Baccarat Players?

professional baccarat players

Yes, there are plenty of professional baccarat players. Baccarat had always been a game reserved for high rollers, but that has changed in recent years. Some of the professional players are known high rollers. This does not limit others who are not high rollers to become professional baccarat players and win a fortune. However, it […]

Are There Patterns In Baccarat?

So, Are There Patterns in Baccarat?

Most players looking for an edge have probably heard of Baccarat patterns and how they can increase your chances of winning. But spotting these patterns on the chart or scoreboard and depending on them is a waste of time. Whenever you see the previous results of a gambling game, ignore them because you won’t benefit […]

All about Top 10 Celebrity Gamblers?

top celebrity gambler

A lot of famous gamblers share our enthusiasm for the Las Vegas Strip. There are some celebrity gamblers that have established a reputation for themselves in gambling, just like us normal gamblers. Although not all of them have had a pleasant gambling experience, some have won money betting. We examine the positive and negative aspects […]

Famous Female Gamblers That Have Made History

Famous Female Gamblers

While men have dominated the gambling industry for many years, several prominent female gamblers have also made their mark in the industry. These ladies have participated in games such as poker, baccarat, and keno. Women have not only come a long way in proving their position at casino tables, but they have also managed to […]

5 Interesting Facts About Playing Cards

Playing Cards

Playing cards have been a tradition during family fun days, as well as in casinos between novice and experienced gamblers. Games like blackjack, baccarat and poker are all-time favourites at casinos, while games like casino war and go fish are great game night picks with family and friends. Did you know that the US even […]