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Is gambling on Twitch allowed?

Yes, for the most part, gambling on Twitch is legal. Similarly, to when gambling online was introduced, there were no legality issues. You either gambled online or didn’t. This was until the government took notice of how much money was being exchanged between gamblers and gaming websites.

Well, the same thing happened with Twitch. Since online gaming is legal in many jurisdictions, it was presumed that streaming gambling on Twitch channels was legal. Again, the government took notice, and the real question now is whether it is legal to gamble on Twitch. We answer your questions below!

gambling on Twitch

Are Twitch Gambling Streams Legal?

Yes, Twitch gambling streams are legal. You can stream your gambling activities on your Twitch account [provided that you do not violate the platform’s terms of service. If you follow all the rules set out by Twitch for conducting gambling activities, you should be in the clear. Here are some of the rules that you would have to abide by:

1.      Time Constraint

The time spent gambling on stream cannot exceed 30 minutes. The Twitch gambling policy makes it clear that the 30-minute limit does not mean you turn off the stream and restart after 30 minutes is up.

The rule is that when broadcasting gameplay, it cannot include 30 or more minutes of uninterrupted gambling. Streamers can switch from gambling content to something else periodically to avoid getting into trouble.

2.      Warning sign

You will have to use a “mature audience” warning message on all gambling content. Also, every viewer needs to verify their legal age in their jurisdiction. Not only does this protect Twitch, but it also indemnifies the streamer from legal recourse if a minor is found to have lied about their age.

Should a minor gain access to the stream, Twitch will interrupt their streaming on the basis of it being an illegal activity.

3.      Venue

Gambling streamers have to take note of where they choose to do their streaming. Being in a venue that looks like a casino is not allowed. Also, if you are trying to deceive your viewers by promoting a rogue casino site, you will get banned.

Rules about Raffles on Twitch

Raffles and giveaways can be presumed as gambling, so Twitch has ensured that they have rules in place to regulate giveaways.  For starters, streamers should not make viewers pay to take part in a raffle.

The streaming service views donations and subscriptions as payment. Therefore, if you want to create a paid raffle, you will have to get an online gambling license. You will need to ensure all users of Twitch have an equal chance of winning. Unfortunately, as a streamer, you can’t give preference to your subscribers.

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Using the Betting Bot for Twitch Gambling

The Twitch betting bot is a new development in the gambling scene on Twitch. The bots allow viewers to bet on the outcome of an event on a stream. This is similar to making bets at a sporting event. Betting is done using virtual points. For example, viewers can bet on whether the streamer will win their current poker hand.

While betting bots are becoming as popular as Twitch gambling, you cannot make money from it. Unfortunately, unlike with real money gambling, there is no monetary return from placing bot bets. But if you are looking for a less hectic betting option, this is definitely the way to go. The best part is that more streamers are adding betting bots to their broadcasts.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live video streaming service where gamers can share their gameplay live. These streams can be watched by others and they can also comment on the streams in real-time. It offers a wide variety of categories such as music, esports, gaming and other creative content.

Twitch Gambling Alternative

Suppose you enjoy real money gambling, then gambling streams are probably not up your ally. But if you want to try something new, Twitch gambling can offer that. You just need to be extremely careful about how you go about displaying gambling in your stream or organizing raffles. You also need to make sure you stick to all the rules.

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