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World Records that Happened at Casinos

Guinness World Records have tons of records related to gambling. Many of these world records took place at casinos (some of which are not even entirely gambling-related.) In this article, we look at some of the most interesting casino world records directly related to gambling.

world records that happened at casinos

Top 10 Casino World Records

Here are some casino-related Guinness World Records:

Slots Records

There are four slots world records mentioned in the Guinness World Records:

  1. The first record is for the biggest slot machine jackpot win. One lucky gambler won a jackpot of $39,713,982 while playing at a Las Vegas casino. The winner was from Los Angeles and bet $100 when they got lucky.
  2. The second record is for most slot machines running the same game simultaneously. Bally Technology holds this feat. In 2013, the software provider launched 1610 slot machines running the same game.
  3. The Muckleshoot Casino tournament holds the third slot world record for being the biggest slot machine tournament. The tournament was hosted in 2016, where over 3000 gamblers played different slots at the same time.
  4. Online slots make the list at number four, where a player won the biggest jackpot. Jen Heywood won $20,062,600 to make the largest jackpot in an online slot machine record.

Table Game Records

Many records relate to the table games., including:

  1. Pokerstars hosted the most players in an internet poker room with 43,000 virtual tables featuring 307,016 people. This biggest online poker site had the largest number of people playing simultaneously.
  2. Lin Hasain won almost $13 million when he was recorded for winning the largest cash prize in a baccarat tournament. He was playing the game back in 2015 when he managed to make this world record win.
  3. In August 2001, Stephen De Raffael broke the world record for the most time spent dealing blackjack. He was a dealer for a blackjack game for 51 hours and 33 minutes while resting for 15 minutes after every eight hours.
  4. Viejas Casino in Southern California built the largest functioning blackjack table. The table was measuring 2,226 square feet, which was 120 times bigger than the regular table. The dealer had to stand on it for the duration of the game.

Casino Records

Other than world records involving casino games, casinos themselves have also broke records. Here are two world records that casinos broke:

  1. The Venetian Macao in Macau is recorded as having the biggest gambling area in the world at 51,100 m2. However, the casino and resort also host 39 floors for both.
  2. Jack and Jeremy Freeman hold the record for the most casinos visited in 24-hours. The father and son visited 69 land-based casinos in 2007. Kimo Ah Yun and Gary Meyer repeated the record when they visited casinos in Las Vegas.

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