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World Records that Happened at Casinos

world records that happened at casinos

Guinness World Records have tons of records related to gambling. Many of these world records took place at casinos (some of which are not even entirely gambling-related.) In this article, we look at some of the most interesting casino world records directly related to gambling. Top 10 Casino World Records Here are some casino-related Guinness […]

Boost Your Odds by Following Baccarat Cards

counting baccarat cards

If you know much about baccarat at all, then you’ll know that the two basic bets are player and banker. Generally speaking, you should always be betting on the banker’s hand. Still, you can increase your average payout rate by following the baccarat cards that come out of the shoe and adjusting your bet size […]

Has Anyone Ever Won Big in Vegas?

Has Anyone Ever Won Big in Vegas?

Many people have won big in Las Vegas that is why we see millions flocking to Vegas every year in the hopes of being part of the big win stories. Be it at the slots, blackjack, roulette or poker tables there have been life changing big wins in Vegas. One particularly outstanding story is of […]