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Yo Eleven Bet

yo-eleven-crapsThe yo eleven bet in craps is one of the most popular wagers in the game of Craps. The number 11 is what must be rolled in order for the casino player to win. This particular wager is only good for the specific roll. If the casino player is able to win on a Yo 11, then the Craps dealer pays them 15:1. This is considered a great bet to place because of the risk associated with it. Casino players can win handily but do not lose a significant amount if an 11 isn’t rolled.

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How to Play the Yo Eleven Bet

When looking at what is known as a simple table, the yo eleven is not presented as a large number, but there are tables that provide casino players with the opportunity to bet as a single roll wager. The Yo Eleven is referred to as quite a risky bet to make despite its popularity. Specifically, since there are roughly 36 combinations of the dice that can be rolled, this means that the casino player has roughly a 6% chance of winning on the Yo Eleven wager. For example, if the casino player happens to bet $1, then their final payout will be $16 because of the 15:1 odds associated with the bet. In some cases, casino players can benefit from a 17:1 payout but this depends on the online casino.

Craps Yo Bet Payout

It is important to note that the odds are always in favor of the casino despite the easiness and popularity of a bet. This does not mean that the casino player cannot be lucky to win and win big when betting Yo Eleven. It is essential, though, not to focus specifically on making this bet a part of the strategy that is used when playing the game of Craps. The Yo Eleven bet can make the game of Craps more fun, as it is often referred to as a diversion from the overall foundation of the game of Craps in that it is engaging, thrilling and exciting to see if it hits.

Yo 11 Bet Strategy

There, of course, is a smart way to approach the Yo Eleven bet. Since the game of Craps is one of chance, the casino player can formulate a strategy in terms of when they will wager the Yo Eleven bet. Considering the Yo Eleven is a very attractive wager, casino players should begin small by putting roughly $1 on it each hand. If the casino player happens to lose several hands in a row when betting the Yo Eleven, then perhaps changing it to $2 for every seven hands, may be more beneficial. In playing the game of Craps, a change in strategy throughout the play is recommended and not solely with just the Yo Eleven.

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