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Video Poker Tips and Tricks

We have put this video poker tips guide to help you know which moves to make to have the advantage when playing this casino game.

Video Poker TipsOur video poker tips and tricks will help you can increase your entertainment value with your gambling dollar. This is a trick that most gamblers want to learn. What’s more, casinos offer different prizes for the same video poker games and these vary greatly. As a result, our tips for playing video poker will also help you understand the strategy better.

Play Video Poker Online

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Best Video Poker Tips to Win

1.     Bet the Maximum Coins

When you play maximum coins, there is a higher return, especially for the royal flush. For example, if you hit a royal flush at maximum coins your potential payout will be 800 to 1. Compared to a 250 to one with fewer coins.

2.     Check the Paytable

Each game has its own pay table which lets you know the value of each winning hand. If you study the pay tables you will be able to know how best to play your hands. What’s more, you will be able to know which game has the best and biggest payouts.

3.     Know the Video Poker Strategy for the Variations

Like we mentioned each game is different and the gameplay is also different. This means that the strategies for the games will also differ. When you know the right strategy for the video poker game you are playing you will be able to know your next moves. What’s more, you will be able to reduce the house edge and maximize your returns.

4.     Practice Makes Perfect

As the saying goes, when you practice something you are bound to be good at it. This applies to video poker which you can play for free to get the feel of the game. Once you are confident you understand the game you can start playing for real money at the recommended online casino. There is also software that helps you make better decisions when playing the game that you can try out when playing free video poker.

TIps for Playing Video Poker

5.     Manage Your Bankroll

Before you start playing the game it best to note down how much you are willing to spend. It can be for both losses and wins that you make when playing. You can decide on how long you play and stop when you have reached your limit.

6.     Know When to Not Bet Max Coins

Sometimes your bankroll will not allow you to bet maximum coins. In this case, it means that you will have to assess your game and know when to bet max and when not to. Since you will be aiming for the royal flush by betting max, this means that it won’t happen often. It is because the royal flush will appear about 1 in 40,000 hands.


7. Choose to Play the Best Games

Since there are many variations of video poker, you will need to know which one is the best one to play. The best video poker game to play is the one that will give you a better chance of winning.

What’s more, the games need to be easily accessible or there will be no point in knowing the game and have nowhere to play it. Full pay video poker games are some of the best you can play, however, they are not easily available online. Most are available at Las Vegas casinos.

Some of the best video poker games include:

  • Aces and Eights – 99.78%
  • Split Way Royal – 99.80%
  • All Aces – 99.92%

8. Start Playing a Low Variance Video Poker Game

This is more applicable to beginners because you will want to play the easiest video poker game. Jacks or Better is considered easy to play and has a low variance which means it consistently pays out even though it will not be big payouts. It is also perfect for vied poker players with a small budget. Jacks or Better is also known to have a simple strategy as compared to the other games.

9. Consider Using a Video Poker Strategy Chart

Strategy charts give you instructions on what you must do when you have been dealt a certain video poker hand. Making it easier to follow the strategy and make the best decisions to win the game. However, they are different strategy charts. There will be basic or simple and optimal video poker charts that can help you increase the payback on winning hands.

10. Try out Video Poker Training

This for players who want to take their video poker gaming to the next level. You can use a training program that will give you guidance on whether you are making the right decisions or even the wrong ones.

The program works while you are playing the game and giving you advice during gameplay. You will be able to know when to make the right decision with its help. However, you will have to spend money to get a video poker program.

Video Poker Tips: Conclusion

It is essential to be on the hunt for a good video poker machine to play on. Many casinos often have forums where you can see what other video poker players are saying about the video poker slot machines at particular casinos.

Many casino enthusiasts say that Jacks or Better is one of the easier video poker variations as it is the original video poker game and is easy to find. Either way, if you use the video poker tips shared in this guide you will be able to play all online video poker games optimally.

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