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Top 6 Video Poker Myths

"Video poker myths are the reason many players find it hard to trust machine-based casinos. Casino game machines are impersonal, and the idea of not knowing what happens behind the machine tends to make players uneasy. When players lose money at video poker machines, they tend to create their own reasons to what could have gone beside not being lucky. This is how many myths start because they start developing myths about how casinos crooked them out of their money.Regulated casinos have laws that they have to abide by. Looking at the trigger the picture, casinos wouldn’t go out of their way to mess with machines and risking losing their gambling license or reputation. This hasn’t stopped the myths from circuiting in many casino communities. There is a ton of myths on the internet, and it would take us all days to get through some of the untrue superstitions. Have a look at our guide where we debunk five myths and a valid exception.

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Video Poker Myth 1: Machines Run Hot and Cold

One of the biggest misconceptions is that video poker machines run hot or cold.  There is no such thing. Video poker machines use a random number generator that is programmed to produce over two million different combinations used to determine hands. Walking the casino floor on a pursuit of a hot machine is pointless as no such thing exist.

Video Poker Myth 2: The infamous Random Number Generator

The RNGs’ sole responsibility is to shuffle the deck and deal the playing cards.  The random number generator is programmed to produce random card combinations. Casinos cannot rig the RNG to favour certain players or bets. The function of an RNGs is to keep games fair and legit according to the gambling jurisdictions.  Casinos would rather keep their gambling license than to cheat player out of a couple of dollars by rigging RNGs.

Video Poker Myth 3: Betting the Max is Best

This common video poker myth is true to a certain extent. Most video poker games give players a bonus each time they bet the maximum amount and win with a royal flush. Betting the maximum amount reduces the house edge. However, players believe that betting the maximum amount guarantees better hands, which is untrue. If betting the maximum amount strains your bankroll and cuts, you’re the amount of hand that will play. Then it wouldn’t be a great idea to play the max bet with every game.

Video Poker Myth 4: Casinos Control the Payouts

There isn’t a switch that casinos can switch on and off to lower the payback on video poker games. The payback can only be changed by changing the settings. We don’t know about you; however; we think that would be far too much work for the casino to keep changing the settings. It is also illegal to change the odds by using deals which aren’t random.

Video Poker Myth 5: Playing Quicker will Guarantee a Machine Payout

The players playing speed does not affect the machine’s payback.  Playing faster than usual will not increase the players’ chances of winning. In fact, increasing the playing speed may cause players to make silly mistakes.

Video Poker Myth 6: Play at Due Machines

A part of the biggest video poker myths that players are sure to come across is that if a machine hasn’t hit in a while, it is due to pay big soon. This myth is unreasonable. The hands played on the casino game machines do not affect the hands that follow after them. Each hand is an independent event regardless of the outcome of the previous hand. This myth is similar to the myth about avoiding machines that have just hit a royal flush.

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