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Deuces Wild Video Poker Guide

Deuces Wild Video Poker
Deuces wild is one of the many loved video poker games played online primarily. The game uses a standard 52 deck of cards, and the overall objective with this variation is the same as the objective in all the others- to make the best winning hand. In a deuce’s wild poker game, 2’s are wild, and they substitute any card on the deck to create a winning hand. For instance, if you have a pair of queens and one deuce (number two card belonging to any suit) in your hand, the deuce automatically becomes a queen as well because that’s the function of a deuce wild, it acts as a substitute to any card in your hand. Your new hand will then consist of three of a kind queen’s. This is a much better hand than a pair of queens and a deuce.

Winning in a deuces wild game is made easier because it features a wild card. And, because the game is easier, the amount of money you can win is slightly less than the other variations that are much more difficult to beat. Playing this variation is something new and exciting for those who are used to playing regular video poker variations.

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Deuces Wild Gameplay

Learning how to play deuces wild at an online casino is fairly easy. You begin by visiting your favorite casino, selecting the play poker option and making a deposit into your casino account. You then decide on the bet that you would like to make for the hand that you are about to play. Once you’ve made your first bet, the computer software will deal your first set of cards. This will consist of five cards dealt face up. You’ll then be faced with the decision to either hold all your cards, or let go of some of them (a maximum of 4) in the hopes of receiving better cards. Once you’ve made your decision and you click the ‘deal’ button to move onto the next round, your decision is irreversible. Of course, in a deuces wild game, you never exchange your deuces or any pairs because these cards are promising. After you’ve received your second set of cards, all betting rounds end. The computer software will then decide if you have a good enough hand to win or not. If you do, you will be paid accordingly.

Best Deuces Wild Poker Games

Strategies to Win

Your deuces wild strategy will depend on the hand you’ve been dealt, as well as by how many deuces you have in your hand. Here’s some tips on what to do when you’ve been dealt deuce(s).

  • Deuces: Hold all your cards, change none of them. It really doesn’t get better than this.
  • One Deuce: When you have one deuce, keep any hand that consists of 4 cards shy of a royal flush, 4 cards to a straight flush, and 3 cards to a royal flush. If you have none of these, only keep the deuce.
  • Two Deuces: Hold the deuces and keep any hand that consists of four of a kind or better, or four cards to a royal flush.
  • Three Deuces: Keep all your cards if it consists of five of a kind, or a royal flush.
Deuces Wild USA

Bet Max and Double Bet Options in Deuces Wild

Most casinos give players the option to bet the maximum amount and to even double their bets when playing deuces wild for real money. The maximum bet amount for internet poker games is five coins. This obviously asks that you bet more money than you ordinarily would. But, if you happen to win while betting the maximum amount, your payout will be much higher. Some casino deuces wild poker games take it a step further and allow you to double your bet once you’ve secured a winning hand. This is very tempting and can be very rewarding if you strike it lucky. Most experienced players advise against doubling.

Deuces Wild Poker Hands

To get good at Deuces Wild video poker, you have to learn how to handle very tricky situations with wild cards. The wild card in Deuces Wild makes it a much more complicated game than something like Jacks or Better, and it also makes it much harder to play well. The hardest situations to learn are the ones where you have a single wild card. One of the hardest situations that players are faced with having a hand with all three of the straight flush cards are in a row this time. This is the most common type of hand that Deuces Wild players get tricked on, and it’s the most important kind of hand to learn before you can become an expert player at Deuces Wild video poker.

Points to Remember

  • This version of poker only uses one 52 decks of cards. This is to avoid getting several cards belonging to the same suit and number group. One deck of cards also allows for a fairer game.
  • The decks get filled and reshuffled after each hand, which makes it nearly impossible to count which cards have been played and which cards have not.
  • Deuces are the most sought-after cards in this game because they have great benefits.
  • A deuces wild game consists of two rounds. The first round is where you receive your first five cards and the second round is the deciding round where you will discover if you’ve won or not.

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