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A Look at Triple Edge Poker from Betsoft Gaming

March 6, 2017
A Look at Triple Edge Poker from Betsoft Gaming

If you enjoyed playing on games like 3 Card Rummy, Common Draw Roulette and Oasis Poker from Betsoft Gaming then we also think that you will love playing on a game called Triple Edge Poker. This game can now be found at a growing number of fully licensed US online casinos and it’s available in the real money mode and in the free play demo mode.

No download is required to play on this game and it’s available on desktop and on mobile. Having basic poker knowledge would be really helpful before playing on this game, although you don’t necessarily have to be a good poker player to win at this game. The minimum bet on this game starts from just 1.00 coin and the max bet per hand is 100.00 coins.

You can also place an additional side bet on the Pair Plus betting option and if you are dealt a pair or higher you will instantly receive a bonus cash prize regardless of whether you win the hand or not. For example if a Pair is dealt you will be awarded 1:1 times your total side bet. You will receive 4:1 odds on a flush being dealt, 6:1 on a straight being dealt, 30:1 on 3-of-a-kind and 40:1 on a straight flush. This is why it’s always a good idea to put a small amount on the Pair Plus betting option.

Without placing a side bet, you’re looking at 1:1 odds on a straight being dealt, 4:1 on 3-of-a-kind being dealt and 5:1 on a straight flush being dealt. Don’t forget that the dealer qualifies with a Queen high. If the dealer does qualify with a Queen or higher and you manage to beat him, both the Ante and Call bets pay 1:1. This may seem a little more complicated than it actually is and this is why we suggest at least learning the different winning poker hands before playing on this game or by playing in the free play mode to begin with.

As soon as you are ready to place a bet, select your preferred coin denomination (bottom right hand side of the game window) and then place your chips on the Ante betting option on the table. Then, if you want, also place a bet on the Pair+ betting option. All you need to do now is to hit the deal button. You will then instantly be dealt three face-up cards and the dealer will also be dealt three face-down cards.

Based on the strength of your hand will now determine your next move. You can either fold your hand or you can ride your hand and hope to beat the dealer’s hand. If you hit ride, the same amount of cash that you put in to the original Ante bet will be taken from your balance and then automatically be added to the table and it’s also at this point that the dealer’s cards are turned over to reveal who has won. If you have won, the cash will instantly be credited to your balance. The game can also end in a push/tie and when this happens your initial stake will be returned.